Sunday, April 25, 2010


Slightly better day today. Did all the ironing (including the duvet cover left over from last week) and have put everything away. Made a cake - of course I left it in the oven a tiny bit longer than I should so it's a bit crispier around the edges than it should be. And either the almond extract I could get here is much stronger than what's available in the States or this is far more of a bakewell type cake than I realised. I love almonds but really amn't fond of almond flavoured things (like marzipan - yuck!) so next time I try this I will leave it out I think. While trying to figure out what to go looking for when I needed to get almond extract though, I came across this blog and I think making my own vanilla extract has to be added to the list of things to try soon.

That's the jam tart on the right - it uses up a whole jar of jam so maybe I will manage to go through all that runny plum jam before it's time to start making jam again this summer. Apart from the almondy taste it's really delicious.

I also made a quiche with onions, broccoli and feta which has turned out quite well. I'm keeping food easy this week. Have quiche and apart from that am planning cheese and bread and not much else. Am out with book club on Tuesday anyway. I've just made a stirfry (finally, after thinking about it for weeks) including using some of the mung bean sprouts I sprouted last week. Most of the washing up is done now, just the pot and pan and what I'll be eating off shortly left to do.

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