Sunday, April 04, 2010

Getting stuff done


13.30: the estate agent who has his offices in our back courtyard rang the doorbell, surprised he is here today but that was great as he had taken in a package for me during the week and I was able to go down and collect it

14.15: have managed to do all the washing up, wipe down the counter and washing machine and put back the stuff that normally lives there (have to take it off when I'm using the machine and this is working out well as it means everything gets cleared off and wiped down at least once a week)

14.25: am enjoying a quickly put together lunch of bread, cheese and chutney and am on to my second cup of herbal tea


16.18: have done ALL the ironing, even bedclothes (always such a pain to do but I should make more of an effort as it does make them fold up smaller, handy when you don't have much storage space) and have put everything away, including the clothes horse which sometimes seems to be in permanent residence on the sitting floor. I've also put the leek soup on to cook and have made another quick lunch of bread, cheese, chutney and herbal tea. And I've sorted out the t-shirts I bought last summer which are now too big for me - I need to chop these up before I start wearing them again as they really are too big for me. I bought cheap t-shirts last year knowing they wouldn't last long, planning to cut them into strips and make a rag rug when then were past respectable use. I still have enough of the size smaller to do me. Am glad to have sorted them out now rather than hanging on to t-shirts that really aren't in great condition and hanging off me.

21.30: did go for a quick walk (just over 30 minutes) and combined it with a trip via the donate old clothes container to get rid of a bag of clothes that my lodger left here to be gotten rid of. Before I left I cleared off the 'day bed', which has been the main couch in my living room for the last year and dumped all the stuff out of the suitcase onto that. Brought the suitcase straight down to the cellar - no excuses anymore, all that stuff needs to be filed and put away properly before anyone can come over to visit. Put away the ironing board and iron. Took some measurements in my bedroom. I have been using my couch bed as my bed for the past year and although a year ago I was sick of sleeping in a single bed (the 'day bed') now I'm more sick of not having the nice couch I wanted in my living room. I also recently bought another wardrobe and cupboard so that my lodger would have somewhere to put his stuff - he is gone now but does still have some stuff here. I had rearranged my room quickly to fit it in but having taken some measurements I think I see a better way to do it so for sometime in the next month the plan is to move the couch back out into the sitting room, move the day bed back into the bedroom (a pain as it doesn't quite fit through the door so I'll have to take it apart) and basically move the rest of the bedroom furniture around too. I want the living room to be finished (except for painting) finally. Have food cooking as well - swiss chard, carrots, onion, wild garlic, home canned tomatoes, lots of pepper and herbs. That'll go nicely with pasta for lunches.

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