Sunday, April 11, 2010

Getting things done

Not much of anything much but a good day all round.

Walked for the best part of two hours.

Put the leek and (now) potato soup on to cook when I got home and had the last two squares of that bar of choclate to keep me going. Phoned a friend and ended up chatting to her for just over an hour but while we were talking I was wandering around the kitchen clearing off the table and generally tidying up all the little bits and pieces that I seem to accumulate very quickly on the kitchen table.

Ate my lunch while reading this month's book club book, Handmaid's Tale.

Did the washing up that was there and made pastry. Chopped up the apples that I bought last week to dry but that I hadn't gotten around to doing. Boskoop are really great, love their taste and I think they dry really well but I have now discovered that at this time of year, they really don't keep very well. Even though they were only a week old some of them were too far gone to be any use. Lesson learned. I need to pay more attention to what apples are good when.

Came in to the computer to watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy but what was listed on surfthechannel as the latest episode turned out to be somebody's home video of them doing a workout. So I settled for watching Gossip Girl instead.

After that, back into the kitchen to roll out the pastry and make jam tarts.

Also made a quiche which I need to go and take out of the oven soon.

Washed the salad I bought yesterday and took the lambs lettuce I bought last week out of the fridge, fully expecting to have to throw it out and knowing I shouldn't have left it there so long. But three cheers for Tupperware (plus a bit of a dose of it's kind of scary, how do they do that), the lambs lettuce which has been sitting in a salad crisper for the past week was absolutely perfect. I didn't have to throw out one single bit. I chopped up the smoked chicken breast (which is delicious), some is gone back in the fridge to have with a stirfry tomorrow, some went into the quiche and some into my salad. And opened a thing of feta cheese which I bought ages ago but was still a few months within date. Most of it went into the quiche but with some for my salad this evening. The remainder of a jar of dried tomatoes which was still in the fridge also went into the quiche along with some onions and the eggs I bought last week. I used up the jar of jam which I also had open in the fridge for the jam tarts. Used up the last of a jar of mustard in the salad dressing as well and dug out the bottle of martini that has been there who knows how long and treated myself to a very large glass of it. Well, I did say that I was going to use up all the stuff that was in the fridge and freezer and that allowed me to make use of one of the ice-cubes from the freezer as well!

Kept at the washing up as I was dirtying things too so now there are only the dishes from my dinner to do.

I also put some seeds on to sprout. First time in my new sprouter, hope it works. I tried this a few months ago in a jar with muslin over the top of it but I was a bit hazy on exactly what to do and ended up with a smelly mouldy mess. So I decided to just buy one of the ready-made jars with a fancy top and, more importantly, proper instructions.

Update: just back from the kitchen where I went to rescue the quiche and just went ahead and did the last bits of washing up. That feels good. My brother just rang as well and that was a nice chat. The quiche smells absolutely fabulous but apart from picking at a prominent piece of feta, I have resisted. The very dark looking bits aren't burnt by the way, that's just some dried tomato which floated to the top of the egg.

And now I'm going to spend a half-an-hour reading a few blogs, drinking a cup of tea and having a jam tart. By then my apples should be finished and I can switch off the dehydrator before going to bed. I didn't do the ironing but not everything was quite dry anyway - I will do my trousers tomorrow before work and the rest when I come home.

Food for next week:

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - quiche
Snacks - jam tart, yoghurt with berries, apple
Dinner - salad as starter then stir fry veg and smoked chicken with rice

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - quiche
Snacks - jam tart, yoghurt with berries, apple
Dinner - salad (assuming I won't finish it all tomorrow) with turkey salami and cheese

Breakfast - smoothie
Lunch - out to a Chinese restaurant with a colleague
Snacks - jam tart, yoghurt with berries, apple
Dinner - quiche

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - bread, cheese, chutney - turkey salami
Snacks - jam tart, yoghurt with berries, apple
Dinner - pasta with tomatoes, onions, carrots and whatever else I find in the cupboard that might be interesting to add

Breakfast - porridge
Lunch - leftover pasta
Snacks - jam tart, yoghurt with berries, apple
Dinner - no idea, I do still have some potatoes left so if I have the energy maybe some fried potatoes

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