Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Eaten today:

Breakfast - porridge with milk and sugar

Mid-morning - apple, cup of hot chocolate

Lunch - two smaller slices of quiche

Mid-afternoon - yoghurt with handful of dried berries, small apple

Throughout the day - most of a bar of Lindt chocolate - made the mistake of buying the orange intense one. I normally buy gepa fair trade chocolate and they have a nice orange dark chocolate too but the lindt one wasn't quite as dark and had bits of nut slivers and candied orange peel in it. Very easy to eat and not quite a satisfying from a chocolate point of view - there was no way just a couple of squares of this were going to hit the spot. Have to remember not to go to that supermarket to buy chocolate if I don't make it to the fair trade shop, there's another supermarket just down the road that does sell fair trade chocolate.

Walking home - ate another small apple

Am having the rest of the salad for dinner with some turkey salami and cheese, maybe some chutney as well. And potentially a jam tart for dessert. Am enjoying a glass of martini as an aperitif after having done the washing up and before sitting down to eat.

We got our lunch vouchers today which is a big relief as I am going for lunch with a colleague tomorrow and have no cash. I also have choir rehearsal tomorrow and recently a few people have started going for a drink after rehearsal. It's a great way to get to know people a bit better and a beer is not that expensive. But two euro is a lot when you don't have it. I can go to the bakery tomorrow to buy something and get change back on a lunch voucher which should sort me out. Not everyone will give change on them but the supermarket which sells fair trade chocolate does and I walked the little bit extra to there after work this evening and bought a bar of chocolate as well.

My sprouts are not sprouting - probably should have tried using that packet before it was six months past it's best by date. I've put a wash on and am about to put the last of the apples into the dehydrator. If I don't do that before eating I won't at all. Still haven't done the ironing but because of the marathon session the weekend before last I still have clothes left that I can wear for work so that's nice. But I'm getting there on the whole not letting things catch up on me.

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