Friday, April 16, 2010


Cheesy bread roll for breakfast. 1 square of dark chocolate (and realised that it's 85% rather than the 70% I normally get - that explains why it takes so long just to get through even one square of it). A muesli bar and 1 cup of hot chocolate. Cheeseburger and chips for lunch. 2 apples and some dried apple slices. 1 florentiner (a nut and honey cakey biscuity thing). Three slices of bread with some cheese and chutney or cream cheese. Cup of tea with the last of the milk and a nice cup of herbal tea waiting for me now too.

I barely seem to have the energy to blog more than what I'm eating at the moment. That's not very interesting to anyone who may be reading but although I have always before been a fan of the paper tracker whenever I've gone to weightwatchers, this time writing it online seems to be working out better so I'll keep on doing it while I can.

Not that I've actually gone back to weight watchers - that's an expense I just can't be doing with at the moment.

Going to keep my purchases at the market to a minimum tomorrow - milk, yoghurt, apples and a lettuce will be about it I think. Will get some sausages in the supermarket if I can and make a lentil or bean casserole. Have some beef in the freezer and will take that out for Sunday I think.

Gardening tomorrow morning and after that I am heading off to the far south of Düsseldorf to pick up something very exciting that was offered on freecycle today. At least I think it's exciting. Hope it turns out the way I expect it to be. Will post photos after I get it tomorrow.

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