Monday, April 09, 2012

Just a quick one

There are six minutes and ten seconds left on the clock of this outrageously expensive web kiosk yoke in the hotel so this will just be a quick one, summing up some of the events since my last post.  Which will partly explain why I haven't posted much since then.  On Paddy's day I went out with some friends to celebrate.  First up was watching the rugby, then dinner, then back to the Irish pub for music.  Just before midnight I realised that someone had stolen my purse out of my handbag so the next two hours were spent sitting in the police station and phoning banks, etc. to cancel cards.  The fact that it happened in an Irish pub seems to have added insult to injury somehow.

Then I heard my uncle (also my godfather) was sick and the prognosis was for weeks rather than months left.  Three days later, still trying to decide whether to try and get home to see him (which would have meant putting flight on credit card) came the news that he had died.  So no more questions and I flew home for the funeral that weekend.  Back to Germany on Monday, straight into work from the airport and a hectic couple of days of quarter-end work to get through.  All done by Wednesday afternoon and feeling pretty good about how things had gone overall.  And then on Thursday morning got a text to tell me that my brother-in-law had died suddenly.  He was being treated for cancer but it was actually stroke as a side effect of one of the medications he was on that done him in (as Eliza Doolittle would say).  So I was back in Ireland on Saturday and the funeral was today.  I feel completely drained and have a morass of emotions inside me that I'm not entirely able to deal with at the moment.  Have just checked into the airport hotel as I have another seven o'clock flight in the morning before heading into work.  Since it's not quarter-end anymore though, I may just ring my boss and ask for the day off.  I had no funeral details when I saw her last so couldn't arrange anything.  It was a long time to wait for a funeral too but apparently you're not allowed have funerals on holy Thursday, good Friday, easter Saturday or easter Sunday.   Who knew.

So that's my life at the moment.  All of the flights and other expenses have obviously, given my lack of an emergency fund, gone straight onto the credit card, which add a whole other level of something or other to the whole thing.  But I wouldn't, couldn't have done it any other way and am glad that I live close enough that I can get back if I need to.  So am reconciled to probably not being debt free until the end of the year and will just have to work on dealing with all the rest of the emotion now. 

If anyone has been meaning to phone or visit someone and keeps putting it off, go and do it today!  You just don't know if there'll be a tomorrow.