Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seventh generation

There is an Iroquois saying about living which basically says to consider each decision in light of the impact it will have on the next seven generations (here's the link to the wiki entry for it).  I was certain that I first read of this idea on Musings from a Stonehead but a quick search of this blog only turned up this post about planting a tree for the long-term.  Wherever I did read about it, it made something of an impact and it seems to me to be a fairly decent guiding light to always have in the back of your head.  It has occasionally even made me think that I should learn how to play chess.

When I was away in July I spent a few days in Bad Herrenalb.  Now that I have finally found the cable for my camera, I wanted to share a photo or two.  This piece (I'm not sure if this is called a sculpture or something else) is in a park in the middle of this small touristy spa town.  It was a grey and rainy morning when I was spotted it and even so I spent quite a bit looking at it and if it had been sunny, I can easily picture having spent a couple of hours sitting on the grass close by, reading and looking up from time to time.  I'm not much of an art connoisseur but every once in a while I'll have a somewhat instinctive, emotional reaction to something, and that is what I felt looking at this.  As I approached it I found myself wondering what it was and thinking it would nearly fit into the "seven generations" idea.  So I wasn't really terribly surprised to find a plaque quoting the Iroquois in front of it. 

I found myself wanting to take multiple pictures from all different angles, although I managed to contain myself.  It was one of those moments I wished for a really good camera and the skills to match!

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's the simple things that make me happy

Like finishing off all of the nice beef in tomato, courgette and onion sauce that I made this week (four meals).  As well as almost all of the salad I bought last weekend (three meals).  Which meant not needing to buy lunch every day. 

Like posting off my sister's birthday present.  It probably won't get to her on time for her actual birthday but at least I've sent it before the day, which is a huge improvement on the last few years. 

Like doing the washing-up that I had ignored last night this morning before work. Starting the weekend without a sink full of dishes waiting to be taken care of feels good.

Like doing all of the above and not feeling like any of it was a big deal. 

Anyone else care to share the simple things making them happy at the moment?