Friday, September 14, 2012

It's the simple things that make me happy

Like finishing off all of the nice beef in tomato, courgette and onion sauce that I made this week (four meals).  As well as almost all of the salad I bought last weekend (three meals).  Which meant not needing to buy lunch every day. 

Like posting off my sister's birthday present.  It probably won't get to her on time for her actual birthday but at least I've sent it before the day, which is a huge improvement on the last few years. 

Like doing the washing-up that I had ignored last night this morning before work. Starting the weekend without a sink full of dishes waiting to be taken care of feels good.

Like doing all of the above and not feeling like any of it was a big deal. 

Anyone else care to share the simple things making them happy at the moment?

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Anonymous said...

I took up swimming with the children every weekend. Relaxes all of us. The weather is still warm here in Greece. Also, after leaving the kids at school every morning at 8.00, I have a whole hour to drink my coffee and have breakfast. I used to take this time to do some house cleanong, but now I choose to relax and start my day so much better.