Monday, February 19, 2018

Make-ahead breakfast

First of all, thank you everyone who commented on my last post. Lots of food for thought there. I think I have been/am more depressed than I realised, which doesn't help matters at all.

But I made a small positive step yesterday, having had my first appointment with a dietician a couple of weeks ago but not really implemented anything we talked about. Because my new job involves me getting up very early (leave house just after 6:30, which is really, really early for me), I have fallen back into grabbing something from the bakery to have for breakfast. So on Saturday I bought some eggs and yesterday I actually made what some call egg muffins and could also be called mini pastryless quiches or mini baked omelettes.
Just did these with onion and herbes de provence. And eggs of course. I used 10 medium eggs and it was way too much for my 12-bun bun tray so I got 12 muffins and one more huge one in a mini quiche tray. Next time I'll try it with just six eggs and make 10 muffins. Then I can just grab two on the way out the door each morning. Will experinent a bit with more fillings, too. And try to remember to add fillings to tray and pour eggs over rather than mixing fillings into eggs first. That should hopefully cut down on the amount of filling floating to the top.
No artistic merit to this photo but what the hell, at least I did something good for myself yesterday. And I even did the washing up before going to bed, too!