Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's Sunday morning, another lovely sunny but not too warm day (it was only 6 degrees when I got up about an hour and a half ago). Started off by doing the washing up which I had left there since Friday morning - after a great week I went and ended it up like that. Typical. It was only a pot, a bowl and two small plates since I haven't really eaten at home since then but still, it's the principle of the thing. Will keep on trying I suppose.

I didn't eat a huge amount of anything yesterday really, had a cheesy bread roll for breakfast on my way to the garden, then a couple of slices of bread and some biscuits there once we were finished for the morning. I came straight home afterwards because I was just so tired. I had woken up shortly after seven but then fell back asleep until after nine which meant I had a dash to the market before heading straight to the garden (late!). Thankfully there wasn't a big queue for the dairy van so I was able to get some milk, yoghurt, cream cheese and two small wedges of cheese reduced in price because they were the last little corners. It is much easier to slice cheese off a nice square piece but the little bit of effort it'll cost me is more than made up for by the at least 1.39 per kilo price reduction. I also bought a half a loaf of spelt sunflower bread, which was my contribution to the after-gardening break. There was a small corner of that left which I took home with me and that, with a small amount of cheese and some chutney along with half a packet of pringles I found in the cupboard and four squares of chocolate, were all that I ate yesterday evening. Actually, once I got home I put a wash on and went straight to bed. I was that tired, I thought I might doze for half an hour and then have some energy for the rest of the day. Conked out completely and didn't wake up until six o'clock.

I still could have gotten up and gone to the supermarket but I decided I didn't need anything badly enough (although I completely forgot I need distilled water for the iron if I'm going to continue my good work of being prepared for the week so now I'll be ironing without steam or trying to decided if boiled water will do just this once) and apart from getting up to hang up the now washed clothes and put another wash on, I did nothing except read for a couple of hours before going back to sleep. No, wait a minute, that's not true, after reading for a couple of hours I got up and in the way that these things happen although I was only getting up to put on the second wash, as it was going to be a hot wash, I decided it would be a good idea to wash the e-cloths I use for washing the floor. I had used the dry sweep one a good bit to tide me over last weekend rather than hoovering properly. So then I decided I would wash the floor properly as well so that I could quickly put the wet cloth in for a good wash too rather than waiting until today to wash the floor and then having the wet cloth sitting in the laundry basket for a week. So I spent a half-an-hour hoovering really well and washing the floors and got my wash on around half-eight. Pushing my luck for having it finished before ten (after which time there's not supposed to be any noise in the building) but at least it was done. And the floors are clean. And then I read for another hour before going to sleep.

I did the same thing this morning as yesterday, woke up around seven but despite thinking I was fully awake, before I managed to get up I had fallen asleep again and didn't wake up until nearly nine. So I got up, hung up the washing that finished last night and did the washing up. Have spent the last hour or so checking a couple of discussion forums, sending a thank-you email to the friend who had me over for dinner on Friday night, checking my emails and worrying about my budget (no matter what way I slice it I have almost no more money to spend this month and won't have any next month either if I'm going to manage to have something for when I go away). I do get what they call lunch vouchers in work. These are vouchers worth 3.07 each and for every day I'm working in the office for at least one hour I get one voucher. I think I have 19 due to me for last month and we should get them by the end of next week. You can use them in local restaurants, we don't have a canteen in work so this is my company's way of subsidising our lunches. The great thing is that most of the supermarkets near me will take them as well as two bakeries near work. They are going to be very useful to have this month for sure.

Once I've finished here I am going to head out and go for a walk and then see where the day takes me. I may peel a few potatoes before I leave so that I can pop them into the rest of the leek soup and have it not long after I come back.

Other market purchases yesterday: onions, turkey salami and a smoked chicken breast, some apples and a lettuce. All in all a modest amount of stuff but more than enough to feed me well throughout the week as long as I stay focused. I have planned to go out to lunch on one day with a colleague but otherwise will be bringing my lunches with me and eating properly at home in the evenings.

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