Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat

Time is just flying past and it seems hard to believe that we've already nearly reached May.  The sunburn I got on my nose today is a sure sign that the weather is finally changing though.

This is what's on offer at my favourite Irish pub - the only one that really feels just like a normal local and this kind of humour is part of the reason why
What are you:
I didn't quite get to finish Atonement before book club on Thursday so I'm finishing that and hoping to start on Strumpet City next Wednesday.  It's a bank holiday here and I have large amounts of housework planned with a couple of hours sitting in the park reading as my reward if I get it done.

I wanted to watch Serendipity, the Joss Whedon film made to tie up loose ends left when the series Firefly was cancelled.  However someone posted about a documentary called Sugar: The Bitter Truth earlier and I really want to watch that, as well.  Decisions, decisions.  I've actually just finished watching a new German production of the Emperor's New Clothes and that was kind of sweet.  It was nicely made, too.  I should remember to check the German television websites more often to watch stuff on their catch-up internet service.

Listening to
Very little.  A tram just passed by but there has been almost no traffic otherwise.  Hopefully my next door neighbour won't be having another loud party till three in the morning today and I'll get to have a quiet night's sleep.

I'm about to put a frozen pizza into the oven.  Haven't cooked properly all week!

Happy you accomplished this week
Got into work early four days, which was good as I'm covering for someone who's on holidays as well as keeping my own stuff going and so far it's working out alright.  I finally brought part of the day-bed I dismantled last year down to the cellar and it has already made my sitting room feel so much lighter.  Made it to choir practice and book club, too, as well as helping out with the pasta party yesterday and clearing up after the post-marathon party this afternoon.  Also got to eat two very delicious steak sandwiches at the tent, one for a late breakfast at around 11 and one for a late lunch at around 3 - not really an accomplishment but it definitely made me happy.

Looking forward to next week
Bank holiday on Wednesday and I'll hopefully spend the morning catching up on the housework I have been ignoring and then spend the afternoon in the park reading - the weather forecast says it'll be 21 degrees and mostly cloudy so warm enough to want to be outside rather than in but less chance of getting sunburned.

Thankful for today
Getting to spend time outside in the sunshine and spending quite a bit of time doing nothing more than staring up at wispy clouds in a blue sky.  Also, steak sandwiches.

Bonus question: what is your preferred method of contact (email, text, phone, letter etc.)
It depends on who I'm contacting and for what.  If it's just to arrange meeting a friend or asking a question of some kind I prefer texting.  If it's something formal or official then email or letter (this is the land of letter-writing and you aren't guaranteed an answer unless you send a letter although having said that, if it's something a bit complicated I'll often start with a phone call, which helps me figure out exactly what it is I want to ask in the first place).  For just keeping in touch I think it definitely has to be phone calls.  Difficult to find the time for (especially for my friends who have kids) but worth it, in my opinion.

If you fancy joining in with Sunday night chit-chat, head on over to Half-Dozen Daily to post your link (actually, you should head over there anyway just to see the photo of the quilt she is making entirely from scraps of material - it's gorgeous).  Thanks as always to Carla for hosting.

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