Friday, April 19, 2013


Not the correct spelling for 'chi' and most popular highest scoring two-letter word in Scrabble, qi.  I'm talking about QI, the comedy quiz/panel show on the BBC, hosted by Stephen Fry.  You don't just get points for the correct answers to questions (and a lot, if not most, questions are so hard no-one gets them anyway), you get points for any answers that are Quite Interesting.  I really enjoy this show, have learned a lot from watching it and just recently finished one of their books, 1,227 QI Facts to Blow your Mind.  If I start watching bits of it on youtube, I invariably end up losing hours of time.  And it's one of the few shows that will almost always have several moments where I genuinely burst out laughing.  So I thought I'd share a couple of links with you.  Most of these are shorter clips but there are full episodes available on youtube as well.  And the show is interesting enough that it's actually on my list of DVDs to buy some day when I have money (me not being the kind of person who retains information for very long, I can watch something over and over again without too much bother).  What I really like is that people get very involved and they will correct themselves if they find that something they've said is wrong (and they even took points off poor old Dara O'Briain in one series for an answer he gave in the previous series that was disputed by a member of the public).  QI also features some of my favourite comedians and other people.  In fact, there are some comedians I really like that I hadn't really heard of before seeing them on QI.  Each series is loosely based around a letter of the alphabet and since they've only made it up to 'J' so far, we hopefully have quite a few more years of hearing quite interesting stuff ahead of us.

Fair warning: some of the humour is very adult humour so you might prefer to watch this without your kids around, if you have any.

QI - Phil Jupitus hates the show (because of the sunset, you see)

QI - the scoring system

QI - nuts

QI - measuring shoe size

QI - Dara O'Briain is corrected

QI - oscars

QI - can't kill an Irishman with alcohol

QI - full episode with Brian Cox

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