Monday, April 01, 2013

Comment moderation

I've had a chance to trawl through some of the more detailed posts on the Blogging A to Z challenge to try and discover why they list turning off word verification as part of the rules.  It wasn't in the FAQ but it wasn't buried too deep.  My goodness but these people are hostile towards word verification.  While I find it annoying at times, I enjoy the spam protection it gives me too much to let that bother me, even if I do often need to enter a verification twice.  I also seem to be different from many who posted their opinion on this in that I have no burning desire to get loads of comments, I definitely don't view getting comments as one of the main purposes of blogging and just generally seem have a very different idea of what blogging is all about.  To satisfy the rules I have, however, now switched off word verification for the length of the challenge.  I've re-enabled comment moderation to at least try have some measure of control over potential spam so please be patient when your comment doesn't show immediately.


Bob Sanchez said...

Hi, happy to meet you on the A-Z Challenge.

I don't think removing comment moderation is a rule so much as a request, since I'v visited A-Z blogs that still have it.

Alicia Price said...

If you are worried about spam the best thing to do us turn off anonymous comments. Spam robots don't tend to have google accounts so it is almost as effective as the dreaded CAPTCHA.

I never used to have a problem with word verification... Until I started spending a lot of time blogging and commenting on other posts. When you end up filling in 30 in one evening then you can see the annoyance! I have started using CAPTCHA bypass software called rumola (you can try it at to read and fill them in for me just because the tiny price is much better value than the severe frustration!