Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Organ donation and onion confit

Possibly not two items that automatically go together in anyone's mind but I'm tired, had a very long day at work which meant missing choir and once again, couldn't come up with anything really good to write about.  Even though I'm sure I had a good idea for 'O' last week.

Anyway, organ donation first.  I carry an organ donation card and have done for many years.  It was always a no-brainer for me - once I'm dead I won't need any of my organs anymore and if they can help anyone, that'd be great.  Of course, short-sighted, overweight and very unfit me might not have many organs that'd be deemed fit for transplant but hey, at least I'll be making the offer.  Once they're done with all that my brother is supposed to make sure I get thrown on the fire properly and then used to fertilise something nice.

I should be all conscientious now and go and research some statistics for you on how many people are on waiting lists for transplants, how many people one person can help by donating their organs and what have you.  But, well, see above re. tiredness.  What did surprise me to learn at one point was that in many (most? all?) countries even if you carry a donor card, it is still your next of kin who has to make the decision on whether to allow the donation or not.  So, if you carry a donor card please do make sure that your nearest and dearest (and any interfering busybodies who might be closely related and could possibly throw a spanner in the works) are aware of your wishes and will respect them.

If you don't already carry a donor card, please do consider getting one.  Or filling out the space on your driving licence that covers that question (in some countries anyway - it was definitely on my old licence but isn't on the new, credit card type I got here in Germany).  While you're at it, you might also consider being added to your country's bone marrow registry.  I've been on that since my brother-in-law was diagnosed with plasmacytoma about ten years ago.  I couldn't stand the thought that I might be able to do something to help and not do it.  I even got a call once that I was a potential match for someone but it was just before I left Ireland and they wouldn't let me proceed with further testing as I wasn't going to be in the country for long enough to make it to the actual donation.  But it was good that it happened as they were able to transfer my details to the German registry, something I don't think I would have thought of doing.

And as for onion confit, well, I had a lovely jar of it that I bought in a delicatessen in Brussels when I was there last year.  I finished it recently and have decided that I should give making it myself a go this year.  Anyone have any tried and tested recipes they swear by?


Marjorie McAtee said...

Apparently they can use your corneas, even if you have bad eyes.

Michelle said...

Very good post. Organ donation is a very important topic. I have always wanted to be a donor and my EX-husband (notice the caps on ex) told me he wouldn't allow it if I died. Seriously!? Why should someone else get to choose? I never did understand that "rule". I'm happy to say that my current husband (and soul mate) has the same insight as I...why not save a life when yours is over?