Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat

Very early today, it's not even really evening yet but I'm heading out shortly to meet some friends for an early dinner before I head off to watch a concert that my old choir are holding this evening.  So rather than missing it entirely, I thought I'd just post something now and then add a photo and the bonus question later on.

Dublin - Ha'penny Bridge at night

What are you:
A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, which finally arrived to my Kindle last week.  Last part of this epic series and although I sort of half intended to read the full series again before starting on the final part, I haven't been able to resist it.

Have the RTE news from last night on in the background as someone told me that our Messiah on the Street performance was on it.  Although I don't remember seeing a camera there - we'll see.

Listening to
Just the news at the moment.  Will be listening to Our Lady's Choral Society later on.

Not a thing.  I'm on holidays!  Had a full Irish breakfast for brunch today and heading to a Thai restaurant for dinner later.

Happy you accomplished this week
I got a few things cleared in work that had built up and been left lying since I was sick during January and February and was really pleased to get so much done before having a few days off.  Not quite caught up but noticeably getting there.  Have also managed to enjoy my few days and have packed plenty in, catching up with family and friends, fitting in a much-needed haircut, too.

Looking forward to next week
Flotation, flotation, flotation.  Have a session booked for tomorrow morning and am really, really looking forward to it.  After that I'll head across town to meet another friend for lunch before heading to the airport to fly home again.

Thankful for today
It may sound strange but right now I am thankful for not being the kind of bad-tempered bitch that shouted at me in the hotel car park.  And that just because I was trying to give her enough space to get at her boot to take something out.  I'd like to be generous enough to try and understand she might be just having a bad day but I'm not and instead will just be glad that I do try most of the time to not be unnecessarily nasty.

Bonus question: what is your ideal wake-up time and what time do you usually wake up?
My ideal time is whenever I wake up.  I dislike more and more having to wake up to the sound of the alarm clock.  Given that I work fixed hours, however, I have to to stick with it for the foreseeable future.  That means being up by about eight.  During the winter I really struggle to get out of bed when it's dark outside so my alarm is set to the latest possible time.  Once the mornings start to get brighter earlier I'll often find myself waking before the alarm and then my ideal time to get up becomes about half-six so that I can go swimming before work.  Whatever time I wake at though, I need my eight hours sleep.  I can manage on seven but any less than that and I may make it through one day but will struggle after that and badly need a very early night to catch up.

If you fancy joining in with Sunday night chit-chat, head on over to to Half-Dozen Daily a bit later.


~Carla~ said...

Sounds like a great week! And no, your being grateful for not being a bitch is a good thing! ;) lol! I've run into people like that and I always feel sorry for them... must suck being miserable all the time!

The flotation sounds wonderful!!! Please let us know how you liked it!! :) Have a great week!!

Joyce Lansky said...

Interesting questions to motivate a chit chat. I'm currently reading, and almost finished with, A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism by Phyllis Goldstein. I usually read fiction, so this historical nonfiction book has been a fascinating change of pace.

Moonwaves said...

Carla: I love flotation. I've been quite a few times before but the place I go to in Dublin is the only one I've found so far which has a big, rectangular tank. I've tried one session in one of the more modern teardrop shaped tanks and it just wasn't the same and felt a bit claustrophobic to me. My claustrophobia tends to make itself felt most in my legs so I ended up having to turn around and lie the 'wrong' way round, with my head in the narrower end, just to be able to stay in there. The Harvest Moon Centre in Dublin has a great tank that I can just barely reach the corners of if I stretch my arms and legs out more or less as far as they go. It's like going for a massage except that you're not always sure you're going to get a good massage and with flotation, the relaxation is always there. Simply having the weight removed from your muscles relaxes them more than you might think. I have obviously been even more tense than I realised as today it nearly hurt when I could feel my muscles relaxing finally, especially my ankles and my upper back. Feels so wonderful at the end of it though. My mind can wander where it will and you really do sort of slip into a kind of meditative state because you just don't need to concentrate on anything.

Joyce: Thanks for visiting. I find the Sunday night chit-chat a lovely way to wrap up the week. Often, it's so easy to forget what has happened even in just the past few days and I'll start typing, wondering to myself what I'm ever going to find to mention as having accomplished this week and then by the time I get that far, I've usually managed to remember something. It's a nice positive end to each week I find.