Friday, April 05, 2013

Evenings out

I was going to do a post all about eggs today.  Complete with photos of my planned supper of a boiled egg in one of my lovely new egg cups along with soldiers swimming in butter.  I stopped in to the shop of a friend of mine on the way home though.  We shared a couple of glasses of champagne while she continued to do some sewing and then she'd had enough and wanted to go home and invited me to go with her.  I rarely do anything that spontaneous and my first instinct was to say no but I honestly just couldn't think of any reason not to go.

So off we went.  Got to her place in time to spend an hour or so playing with her one-year old son, had a lovely supper of bread, cheese, cold cuts and dried tomatoes and zucchini as well as a very nice bottle of wine and some grapes and one or two chocolates for dessert.  Her lovely mum is visiting at the moment as well and her partner was very excited to hear that I might be going home soon because he knows there's the possibility I might bring him back some nice whiskey.  Good food, good company and then an episode of Tatort.  I don't have a television but did always enjoy Tatort years ago when I was a student here and had access to one.  It's a police drama that has been running here for over forty years.  Here's the wiki link for Tatort if you're interested.  There is a certain feeling of immersing myself in real German life any time I watch it.

I've had a lovely evening, all the nicer for the fact that it was unexpected.  And although the date stamp on this post will probably show tomorrow already, it's not that long after midnight so I'm going to allow myself to consider myself to still be keeping up with the whole blogging every day thing.  Even if I didn't have much to say and very little energy left to say it with. :-)

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