Sunday, February 10, 2013

We all know I'm a fan of buying local...

...and when you read quotes like this from the BBC, is it any wonder?

From an article about the current horsemeat scandal.

"The BBC's Paris correspondent Hugh Schofield said the scandal had cast light on the bewildering complexity of the food business in the EU.

He said: "A Swedish brand - Findus - supplying British supermarkets employed a French company, Comigel, to make its ready meals.
"To get meat for its factory in Luxembourg, Comigel called on the services of another French firm Spanghero. It used an agent in Cyprus, who in turn used an agent in the Netherlands, who placed the order at an abattoir in Romania.""
This whole scandal, by the way, is something that is causing a lot of worry for Irish farmers, particularly the smaller ones, who spend a lot of time and money on fairly stringent traceability schemes (which I believe the manufacturers of processed foods are not subject to to the same degree).

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