Friday, February 01, 2013

Spending recap

Here's the breakdown of what I've spent this week, from Saturday until today.  I did buy a couple of things today and yesterday that I used my debit card to pay for but I will include them in next week's breakdown as the money is coming out of my February money, i.e. will be debited from the bank next week.  I got paid on Wednesday so basically the last few days of the January budget were just what was left in my purse and the things I have paid directly from my bank account go into February's budget.

8.00 transport (taxi x 2)
50.61 food necessities (market last weekend plus bakery during the week)
4.59 food luxuries (some chocolate and crisps during the week)
40.35 food out/takeaway (didn't bring lunch to work any day this week)
0.00 toiletries
9.69 gifts (incl. postage)
0.00 clothes
1.99 house/garden (some clip yokes for envelopes - just looked at the box, they're called sample bag clips. Who knew.)
0.00 medical
2.00 other (scratch card)

Total: 125.23

Since it's the end of the month, here's the full recap for the month (less the first few days of the year when I hadn't yet remembered that I wanted to start tracking my spending properly again):
58.30 transport
179.01 food necessities
93.55 food luxuries
54.25 food out/takeaway
2.25 toiletries
9.69 gifts (incl. postage)
0.00 clothes
11.34 house/garden
33.86 medical
26.80 other
Total: 488.99 - I had wanted to keep to around 100 per week (a very generous amount of cash to get me through a January that I was expecting to be miserable) and, given it was a five week month, I made it.  There is less cash per week budgeted for February so things like taxis and lunches out will hopefully not come into play at all.  I'm starting with a  meal plan for next week that involves me making two batches of soup this weekend - I already have everything I need so just need to do it.  Meal plan will go up on the other blog shortly.

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