Monday, February 11, 2013

The cake that took over a week to bake and other randomness

The orange and olive oil cake that I started making last week is finally in the oven and starting to smell really good.  I even got to use my home-made vanilla extract for the first time (still smells a bit alcoholy to me but the vanilla smelled good too).

I got a text message a couple of weeks ago warning me that my SIM card is due to expire in April.  Huh?  I bought it a few years ago and had no idea that it came with an expiry date.  It's just a cheap rate ready-to-go card and I do have to make sure to top up every six months at least in order to not lose credit but an expiring SIM card?  However, like many people I'm sure, I've wondered from time to time over the last couple of years whether it would be worth getting an iPhone or smartphone of some kind.  Apart from the cost, one of the things that has put me off is the fact that I wouldn't be able to port my existing number to a smartphone and that is a pain in the neck.  But if I'm going to lose that number anyway, it looks like the best thing to do is to just bite the bullet and find the best option for one of those by April.  Seems like a better use of my time than trying to track down the cheapie provider I'm currently using and argue the point with them.  If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for phones that do more than the basic phone calls and texting I mostly do (I don't even have a camera on my current phone), please let me know.

I've also decided that I need to generally start trying to keep up with the world a bit better and am going to give listening to podcasts a try.  Anyone care to share what their favourites are to subscribe to?  So long as it's free, of course.

Must go and rescue my cake.  Really wish the box of decaf tea my brother is sending me was here already.  I nice cup of tea with a slice of cake sounds perfect and herbal tea just isn't quite the same.

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