Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat

Another week has flown by.  I didn't take to my bed as planned yesterday afternoon for a rest - instead I decided to just try and hold out until the evening.  Glad I did as I got the washing down and hung up to dry as well as remembering to tackle a bit of the Table of Doom.  And then I slept through last night for ten and a half hours.  I do so love sleeping until I wake naturally.  Especially when I can follow it up with a couple of hours lazing in bed and reading.

The fixings for making spicy lentil and carrot soup - it turned out well.  Very more-ish but too filling to actually have a second bowl.  Will definitely make this again although I think I'll up the spices considerably as it was very mild.  But I'll wait until I've finished it later in the week as spicy things do often get spicier the longer they're left.

What are you...
The Vegetarian Myth (have I mentioned that this book is kind of blowing my mind?  I keep going back and re-reading bits, am accumulating a long list of books she references that I want to read as well - and I'm only on the fourth chapter).  I've also started The Princess Bride by William Goldman - love the film, which we watched over and over again when I was younger and have always intended to read the book so I'm happy I'm finally getting around to it.

I think there will be another episode or two of the Mentalist this evening.  One of the things I love the most about this show?  People smile a lot!

Listening to
The usual sounds of traffic outside and quiet inside.

I made the spicy lentil and carrot soup earlier as well as some leek and potato soup.  That's most of my meals for next week sorted.  And I have batter for ham and cheese pancakes ready and waiting.  I was going to try out this orange and olive oil cake as well but had no sooner measured out the flour and the sugar than I realised I have no baking powder.  So I've left the bowl waiting and will get some tomorrow on the way home from work and make it then.

Happy you accomplished this week
I posted two items that I should have sent to people in November but didn't get to before going away.  While I got nothing much done while I was home sick, sitting looking at that book and that calendar for ten days was more than enough push to get me to the post office on Monday.  Also happy to have started on the  Sealed Pot Challenge as well as having made some progress on clearing the Table of Doom.

Looking forward to next week
Half-day on Thursday because of Altweiber (the start of the Karneval weekend here).  I'm not much of a Karneval fan but my upstairs neighbour dropped by yesterday with an invitation to her annual party next Friday and I think I will go and am sort of looking forward to it (rather than dreading being kept awake until all hours).

Thankful for today
Managing to make two different soups without burning or ruining anything.  It sounds silly but I felt like I had completely lost the ability to cook well and am very grateful that it seems to be coming back.

Bonus question: What made you laugh today?
Talking to my nephew this morning when I called to wish him happy birthday (he's 12 today) - his English is coming along very well so that he doesn't drop the phone and run for his mum the minute I get past 'how are you?' and he was able to tell me how happy he was that it was his birthday.  The excitement in his voice (he was waiting for present opening time, which his mum and sisters were preparing in the kitchen) was just infectious.  Hearing someone say "I'm so happy" several times like that is definitely enough to make anyone laugh!  I also just got sent a link to some outtakes from Mrs. Brown's Boys and although I'm not much of a fan of it, I have to admit I had tears in my eyes watching these.

That's it from me.  If you fancy joining in on Sunday night chit-chat, post away and head over to Half-Dozen Daily to link up.


Andy in Germany said...

We have Fasching here as well: originally it was more in the Catholic towns -yes, there is still that much of a difference, although fortunately we don't try and burn each other's churches with the congregations inside any ore, so that's progress- but now more and more it is seeping into other areas as well. I went to one and decided you could keep it: too many people and too noisy.

Moonwaves said...

I remember how disappointed I was with my first Altweiber. Half-day from work so I went home and made myself a nice lunch first and then thought I'd head into the Altstadt to have a look at all the costumes and revellers. It was around three o'clock before I got into town on a horrible, grey, drizzly day and it was exactly the kind of scene that makes me more and more sure that I should be living in a village, or out in the country somewhere. Hoardes of people already so drunk they couldn't stand, broken glass strewn about and mixed up with plenty of vomit so that you couldn't be sure what you were stepping on. If I do manage to move to living somewhere much smaller (and back down in or near the Black Forest) I might try and get involved in a local Verein because I think some of that stuff can be a bit of fun. But we'll see. My neighbour's party will have a Sesame Street party. I'm really not good at the whole dressing up thing and if I thought the Germans would get it, I'd just print Big Bird on a bit of paper and wear that stuck onto my t-shirt!

Catsngrams said...

I just found your blog bt accident and I love it. I love the table of doom process. What a great idea to use on any area in the home. I hope I will be able to follow your blog it is wonderful.

~Carla~ said...

I'm going to have to hunt down that Vegetarian Myth book.. sounds awesome! :) Your soup fixin's look delicious! I'm not big at making soups, but I really should try more often! Maybe tomorrow will be a soup day for me!

Anonymous said...

Your soup sounds delicious. Is it your own recipe or did you follow one from a book? I would like to hear more about that book you are reading it sounds very interesting.
I enjoyed your chit chat.

Moonwaves said...

I'm planning on doing a post about the soup soon. Got delayed in work this evening so might not get to it today - there's a pile of ironing to be done. Not to mention a few minutes need to be spent with the Table of Doom...

Nikki ( said...

The "table of doom" (as a title, not as a concept) cracks me up. :)

I have been wanting to read The Vegetarian Myth for a while. Though I have heard a lot of criticism of it as well. She seems to be an interesting thinker.

How are you liking The Princess Bride? I love that movie, but I was kind of so-so about the book.

Moonwaves said...

Once the name had entered my head it wouldn't leave again, so I just gave in and went with it. Anything about this chore that can make me smile is welcome! I may even do a whole series of 'Doom' - there's the Hall Cupboards of Doom to tackle still, not to mention the Entire Other Half of my Bedroom of Doom.

I'm not very far into Princess Bride yet but so far I like it. I must google criticism of the Vegetarian Myth - always good to get all sides of a discussion. If you have any particular references, do share.