Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday shopping - 2nd February 2013

Like many places, the temperatures soared here last week.  After three or so weeks of mostly minus temperatures so that the snow that fell at the beginning of the month still hadn't melted away, last week we were around or even above 10 degrees for a few days.  Accompanied by the kind of depressing and totally disheartening rain that made me leave Ireland in the first place.  Horrible.  Today we're back down to about 3 degrees and just as I was about to leave to head to the market, it started to snow.  It's not sticking at all, of course, because everything is so wet from the last week, it's just melting as soon as it touches anything.  Still, watching snow come down is better than watching rain fall, even if it is impossible to get a nice photo of it.  Here's a quick one I snapped of the market, taken from where I come around the corner and see it for the first time.  It all looks a bit grey and gloomy but with the snow falling, it really brightened it up actually.  Didn't last long though and now the clouds are even dispersing enough to be able to see hints of blue.

I didn't buy a huge amount at the market today as I still have plenty of veg left from last week.  I did get some ham, to use in the pancakes I have planned for tomorrow - I'm sure I've said it before but I'll say it again.  Ham has gotten really expensive.  It has really moved firmly into the occasional treat segment of shopping.

Price list for today's shopping
Straetmans (at market)
Refund of deposit on milk bottle -1.50
Milk - 2 litres - 2.40 (1.20/lt) plus 3.00 deposit
Butter 262g - 2.49 (9.50/kg)

Vennbachhof (at market)
Cooked ham 212g - 4.18 (19.70/kg)
Mettwurst (x2) 200g - 2.08 (10.40/kg)

Flassrath (at market)
Apples 3 euro (annoyed at this because I put them down to rest on the scales when I was putting stuff away and I had only gotten just over 150g but was charged for a 250g bag - I think she assumed I had picked up one of their pre-packed bags and didn't weigh it)

Etzold (at market)
Celeriac 808g - 2.02 (2.50/kg) - these might be the smallest celeriac I've ever seen
Onions 1.034g - 2.59 (2.50/kg)

Graaf (at market)
Cake in a jar (red wine cake) - 2.60 (no deposit as I returned an empty jar)

Vollkornschrot (groats) - 1kg - 2.25
Vollkornmehl (wholegrain flour) - 1kg - 1.99

el martin (fair trade shop)
Dark chocolate - 100g - 2.00

Behmer (bakery)
2 wholegrain rolls - 1.20
1 loaf wholegrain bread - 2.90

And that's that.  I've having a quick lunch now, will post about the Sealed Pot Challenge I've decided to start participating in and then I am heading to bed because my cold seems to have not gone away entirely, a full week of work was too much for it apparently and I feel physically rotten.  Although in the time I've been writing this the sun has come out, which is lovely to see.  I'm trying to only look in one direction out the window so that I don't notice the ginourmous black cloud on the other side of the horizon.

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