Saturday, July 03, 2010

Food Waste Friday (on Saturday)

A day late with my food waste photo but I'm blaming the weather. We've been having a heatwave (because it wasn't hot enough already, you know) so I stayed in work until after eight last night (there's air conditioning in work or home to an apartment that has the sun shining in all evening when it has been over 30 degrees all day) and then went and sat in the beer garden out the back of one of the Irish pubs and had a pint before heading home at ten o'clock. That was an impromptu decision but walking out of the office felt like walking into a sauna and I just couldn't fact going home. I tried to go to bed and sleep more or less as soon as I got home but it was just too hot to do anything but lie there sweating. Probably managed to sleep by about half-two but managed to completely forget to set the alarm so when I was half-awake again this morning and not wanting to move because as soon as I did I knew I would start sweating again, I was trying not to look at the clock. Eventually I thought it seemed like the alarm should definitely have rung by now and looked at the clock to discover that it was already half-eight! So I decided that rather than putting myself under pressure I would skip going to the market today, which also takes the pressure off for tomorrow a bit as I won't need to make and jam or otherwise process anything from the market. I'm heading home for a week at the end of next week so it's better for me anyway to use up what I already have rather than adding more to the pile.

Not much to throw out this week, I'm quite proud of myself for having eaten all the leftovers of what I cooked last weekend as lunches. Which means that the only thing I needed to throw out this week was the rest of the salad. This is the head of lettuce I bought two weeks ago and which was sitting in my tupperware spinner with a little bit of water in the bottom until last Sunday, when I washed it and put it back in the spinner basket. Ate half of it on Monday evening for dinner, was out for book club on Tuesday, had cold leftovers for a snack before choir on Wednesday and a bowl of cornflakes on Thursday evening. Yesterday I didn't eat a whole lot of anything much, it was just too hot.

I do still have one courgette, a couple of leeks and those three beets left from a couple of weeks ago as well but they're not quite dead yet and since I didn't go to the market today, I will just have to come up with something to do with them tomorrow.

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