Friday, July 30, 2010

Food waste Friday - 30 July 2010

I haven't gone near the fridge yet but as I was sick for two days this week (and still a bit today with a massive craving for junk which I have indulged to the fullest!) I know there's stuff in there that needs to go out.  So, off the top of my head and I will update tomorrow with a picture:

Lettuce (bought on Wednesday a week ago, washed and partially eaten on, I think, Saturday and sitting in tupperware since then - it might still be good but I can't face the thought of eating salad so it's probably going)

Tiramisu - one way or another this made me sick and I'm very glad I didn't bring it to book club as planned.  Either the eggs were bad (they were not great but were new, well in date and smelled okay, just seemed a bit 'weak' somehow and broke up far too easily or maybe I'm just getting too used to really fresh eggs direct from the farmer) and the two spoonfuls I ate to taste test gave me food poisoning that felt like a migraine or the strong coffee I made to dip the biscuits in was far too strong and I'm even more sensitive to liquid caffeine than before and I got a migraine.  Or a combination of both.

1 egg - the remaining egg from the packet.  Given the tiramisu fiasco I am feeling neither inspired nor obliged to cook this egg.

There is also some leftover tomato/courgette sauce to be used up but I'll see how it smells and might have it for lunch tomorrow.  I'll have to look back through the blog and see when I cooked it - if nothing else, this is a really good reason to blog!  And I know there is some butter which is past it's date but if it's not actually rancid I'll probably use it to bake something.

And there is chard which I got from the garden last Saturday and haven't yet done anything with.  If it has survived the vegetable crisper I will perhaps steam it and put it in the freezer.

And some whitecurrants which I also got in the garden last Saturday, left sat on the table until at least Monday and were moved into the fridge then.  I wanted to dehydrate them - will have to wait and see how they are.

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Here's the photo:

As well as the lettuce (lot more of that left than I thought), egg and tiramisu I also had just over a small glass of milk (eeeeww, sour milk stinks!), a piece of baguette so hard it might have broken my magic bullet if I'd tried to make breadcrumbs with it, a few bits of basil and parsley and half an apple.  I picked up my last apple to eat, turned it around and saw this lovely bruise.  It went nearly halfway through but the rest of the apple was very tasty albeit that it made for a slightly smaller breakfast than anticipated.

I was just about to head out to the market when I then found a nasty surprise lurking at the bottom of one of my bags.  I bought extra cider vinegar last week as I know it's around about the time when I'll need to have plenty on hand for pickling and chutneys and completely forgot that I also bought lemons and limes as I intended to get more tomatoes on Wednesday and make salsa.  But of course on Wednesday I was sick.  Two lemons survived okay but I couldn't bring myself to keep this one or the two limes (they weren't terribly green to start with and are now very soft and squooshy - the lemon is the one covered in green mould).  Lovely.

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