Sunday, July 04, 2010


My thermometer is telling me that it is 25.6 degrees inside and 26.2 degrees outside at the moment (it's 10.25 on Sunday morning so my side of the street is still in shadow). That's two degrees hotter than it was an hour ago so we've gotten to the part of the morning where I'll be racing to get some chores finished before it gets too hot.

I decided to check online though and according to google, it's only 21 degrees in Dusseldorf at the moment with 66% humidity. BBC Weather says that it's 23 degrees with 72% humidity. And says 22 degrees with 69% humidity. Weathercity says 21 degrees with 77.9% humidity. Hmmm, the BBC site also says that the last time it was updated was in three minutes time. Looks like I need to check the clock on my pc as well.

Every site forecasts up to 29 degrees today. It'll be interesting to see what the high on my thermometer ends up being. As the outside probe is partially in full sun in the late afternoon I know that it records very high temperatures.

But generally my thermometer seems to be not too terribly unaccurate (when you buy something like that for 8 euro you can never tell). I different of about between 3 and 5 degrees with the various online sites is okay I think. I can assume it's probably a degree or two out (which seems to me to be okay for such a cheap piece of kit) and that part of the difference is the difference in location in the city. I assume at least one of those online readings comes from the airport, which is on the outskirts of town. And a fourth floor apartment on a main street not far from the centre of town is going to be warmer than the wide open spaces around the airport most of the time I assume.

Better get on with the hoovering (which I'm not supposed to be doing on a Sunday but hopefully my downstairs neighbour won't mind too much).

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