Sunday, July 04, 2010


I did the hoovering and tidied up some of the crap that has been accumulating in the kitchen and sitting room over the last week or so, including putting away all the dishes that were on the draining board. I peeled what potatoes I had left and cooked them. Will use them later or during the week for omelettes and salad. I felt like I had to cook them now or else I wouldn't use them at all - I am assuming that I won't feel much like cooking after work this week and they won't last until after I'm back from holidays.

Then I watched a parade go past my window - I hadn't known it was happening this year although as soon as I heard the music starting up the road I remembered that I was surprised by it last year too. I really must get around to finding out about what's happening in the area ahead of time soon.

After all of that I sat down for an hour or two to cool down and ate some bread and cheese and chutney for lunch. At four o'clock (okay, it was closer to half-four) I got up again and did the ironing. It felt very good to finish off that big pile that has been gathering for the last couple of weeks. I had ended up just ironing something every morning to wear that day and that just always bothers me. Why I keep letting it happen when it bothers me so much is undoubtedly yet another questions which would require many years of therapy to get to the bottom so for now I'll just be all zen about it and accept that sometimes, that's just the way I am. How easy it is to feel positive now that not only is all the ironing done, it's all put away and the clothes horse and ironing board have been put away as well. I spent nearly an hour and a half doing that but despite being rather warm I didn't just sit down immediately. I washed the floors. Amazing how much dirt can be missed by the hoover and/or gather over the course of a few hours.

So I'm going to read a few more blogs for a while until I have cooled down somewhat and then see where the rest of the evening takes me.

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