Friday, July 23, 2010

Food Waste Friday - two weeks later catch-up post

No food waste this week as I only got back from holidays on Monday evening, didn't shop until Wednesday and have been home all week. However, I did end up having to throw out the leeks and beets I had in the bottom of the fridge before I went away. I did try to use them and took them out on the Sunday after my last food waste post. But the beets were already growing something white and furry and as they were leaning on the leeks (which weren't looking great anyway) I just dumped the lot. I have tupperware fridgesmarts I could have kept them in but after having cleaned my fridge out I decided maybe it would be a good idea to use the vegetable crisper at the bottom to keep vegetables in. Back to using tupperware from now on unless I know I am definitely using something within a day or so of buying it. Which should avoid things like this happening:

In the true spirit of food waste friday though I did take a look in the freezer today as well and remembered that I had frozen two portions of pastry a few weeks ago when I made too much so I have taken one of those out and will make a quiche later to bring to the garden tomorrow - maybe it will go with all those cucumber pickles. I really wish I had someone to taste them for me, I'm not at all sure they've worked out properly.

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