Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am completely lacking in inspiration today and have no notion of what to write about.  I've read through the 'N' section of my small thesaurus.  I've read about twenty other blog posts by those participating in the A to Z challenge.  I even looked back through the archives of The Great Big Vegetable Challenge to see what Charlotte cooked for 'N' but came up empty on thoughts for my own post.  This post did inspire some thoughts but they don't really have anything but a tenuous connection to the letter 'N', however, since it's the best I've managed after thinking about it all day and not coming up with more than a sentence or two for any other possible topic, it'll have to do.  If nothing else, it's getting to be past my bedtime so it's time to just write something and hit the hay.

The notions I'm thinking about are the one that just never seem to occur to me.  I've been toying with the idea of entering the three-day novel writing contest ever since I read about it a couple of months ago.  I haven't written any fiction since I was in school (which I left 21 years ago) and I'm not really a very good writer (that's not me fishing for compliments, by the way, come back and check out my post on day 'W' to see some of the reasons I think that) but the idea of it did catch my imagination.  And then I read the rule about how you don't even have to submit your manuscript if you don't want to and was even more tantalised by the idea that it really is something you can just do for yourself.  My problem though, is a lack of imagination when it comes to storylines, plot points or even a starting point (coupled with a tendency to be entirely too fond of commas, exclamation marks and bracketed asides!) - I have no notions you see.  I even bought a notebook to jot down any random notions that might occur to me and have written exactly three words in it in the two months since I got it.  I have one sentence that I would like to use just for the fun of it.  And that's it.  Not a terribly promising start.  Still, even if all I could do is regurgitate some trite old storyline, it could be fun dedicating three days just to writing.

Some of the 'N' words that I considered writing about today but couldn't find a full post's worth of words for: nincompoop, natural, nourishment, night, nettles, nice (being, that is, not the place nor the biscuits), neatness, neighbours, nudity, native, nationalism, negativity, nest, nurturing.


Zoe said...

Thank goodness for photo ops or I'd never fill a blog post! Thanks for stopping in today! Z~

Sarah @ losingmylemons said...

Are you sure you couldn't fill a blog post with nincompoop? That's a damn fine word!

· day writing challenge... sounds interesting!