Monday, April 01, 2013


I may enjoy this A to Z challenge more than I thought.  Since I couldn't come up with any words beginning with A just because I had to, I decided to have a skim through the A section of my pocket thesaurus.  Yes, I know you're not supposed to admit to liking things like reading dictionaries but I do.  One word inevitably leads me to the next and before I know it, half an hour has passed and I've forgotten what it was I had to look up in the first place.  At some stage in college I even took Diane's idea from Say Anything and started underlining the words I was looking up.  I never kept it up though - I assume I got too depressed by the fact that I kept needing to look up the same words over and over.  It's interesting going through my German dictionary now though and trying to remember a time when I didn't know those words.

But I digress.  Of all the potential words I could have chosen, active seemed the most pertinent at the moment.  Because if I get any less active, I may solidify in place.  And with the clocks changing at the weekend, I can remind myself that in the depths of January, I had promised to start going swimming again in the mornings before work as soon as that happened.  

I didn't get up early as planned this morning to go into work for a few hours either but knowing I was sitting down to write about being active at least spurred me on to clearing off the clothes horse and putting that away as well as giving the floors a quick sweep.  Still have to do the ironing and clear up some accumulated clutter but I'll get that done by Wednesday evening at the latest.  

For today, the active will come in a half an hour or so when I head out into the remaining sunshine and head towards to river.  It's a longer way to walk to work but I'll have a nice walk heading west so with a bit of luck I should catch at least part of the sunset.  And on Thursday morning, I plan to get up early to head to the pool.  Can't do it tomorrow because I need to be in work early and on Wednesday I have an acupuncture appointment before work.  The weather has even hit eight degrees today and if that keeps up, who knows what could happen!

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