Sunday, February 17, 2013

The table of doom - progress

Slow and steady wins the race so they say.  I'm happy to report that thus far, it's also helping me to make good progress on the Table of Doom.  Here's how it's looking today:

Not quite there yet but definitely getting there.  I have a massive amount of paper to bring down to the recycling bins and nearly as much to put through the shredder before dumping it.  I'm noticing when I come to piles which obviously built up during my semi-organised phases and have started making notes for a decent post on how to not let the paperwork get on top of you.  Those of you who are eagle-eyed might notice that there's also one box missing from the pile on top of the drawers.  I was fed up of the table (and fed up of looking at those boxes) one evening and decided that instead of something from the table, I'd tackle one of the boxes.  Opened the first one up to see...nothing.  I had forgotten that I went through these boxes last year something because I was sick of looking at them gathering dust on top of the cupboard I had them stored on.  Hadn't finished though when the repair guys had to come in to fix the heating last year so I just put them back up on top of the cupboard.  When I got the sitting room painted last year, I took them down and swore I was not putting anything else back up on that cupboard.

These three boxes are the very first set of storage boxes I ever bought (from Argos, if I recall correctly) and I also had three large shopping bags of kids toys and books up there too, which are currently sitting on the floor waiting for attention.  When I lived it Ireland I often had visitors with kids and it was great to have a few bits and pieces to occupy them with.  Since I've moved here I haven't had any kids old enough and not too old to play with any of it.  A lot of my friends have had kids in the last couple of years though so I might get some use out of them again.  We'll see.

At any rate, one of the boxes is empty and is now being converted into storage for Karneval supplies.  Since I went and bought the funny yellow wig and the silly make-up I figured it was a good idea to keep them.  Yes, it's more stuff, but I now have somewhere to keep bits and pieces for making costumes and it's a small enough box to not encourage me to start buying elaborate costumes every year.  I even have a space planned for it but that won't be free until a few other things happen first.  Getting this place in order is like a giant game of dominoes sometimes.

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Fiona said...

That is great progress! :)