Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spending recap and Sunday sealed pot challenge

Well, it's been a disastrously spendthrifty week and I've already spent most of next week's money as well as a good portion of the amount I had allocated for travelling this month.  I did find out that I won't need to go to Frankfurt next week so at least that's something.  At any rate, I didn't go shopping yesterday at all and will be doing my best to just eat from stores and the freezer this week, which shouldn't be any more strenuous than getting a bit organised.  I'm glad it's a three-day weekend though because I felt pretty rubbish all day yesterday and am only a bit better now (thanks to getting nearly twelve hours sleep).  I am invited to a friend's for dinner this evening so I can have leftover red cabbage for lunch, Asia-wok* for dinner and can think about preparing for next week during tomorrow's bank holiday.

For my sealed pot this week I threw in the handful of small change I had in my purse (1, 2 and 5 cent pieces) as well as ten euro.  That's 6 for the 6th week plus 1 for the 1st week and 3 for the 3rd week (since I missed January I decided to just add a bit of the money each week until I've caught up).

Here's what I spent last week.  Because I ended up being invited to be neighbour's Karneval party on Friday I ended up spending some money of stuff to make a costume and some bright make-up.  I also spent money on buying Berliner and Sekt etc. for work as we decided on short-notice to celebrate Karneval there on Altweiber, too before everyone went off for their half-day.  I even followed the crowd into town but as I had to stop off and buy something along the way and the mobile networks were completely overloaded it took me nearly 45 minutes to find them, by which time I'd just about had enough of crowds.  So I only spent on one small beer and a Bratwurst at the street party and then went home.

8.00 transport
31.30 food necessities
18.60 food luxuries
13.64 food out/takeaway (Bratwurst on Thursday, lunch out on Friday and kebab on Friday evening)
11.85 toiletries (make-up for Karneval)
15.95 gifts (sister's birthday present)
0.00 clothes
41.95 house/garden (safety pins, small radio for kitchen, rechargeable batteries, toilet rolls, washing soda, salt for dye as well as pot to seal and some folders)
0.00 medical
83.70 other (mostly stuff to make a costume with but also food and drink for work party.  Only one of the people who said they would has actually given me money as a contribution so far and I've deducted that.  Should get a bit more back next week.)
Total 232.99 (in a week!!!)

*She calls it Asia-wok anyway.  It's basically a similar idea to a raclette or fondue except in the shape of mini woks.  So you all sit around the machine, each of you has your own mini-wok and you cook your own choice of whatever has been left out to use.  I'm looking forward to it.

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