Sunday, April 04, 2010

I got april fooled

Well and truly caught out. Wednesday and Thursday were much cooler days than we've been having recently, temperatures in the morning down to 4 or 5 again rather than the 10 or 11 we've been getting used to over the last few weeks. And I'd seen pictures and heard about the blizzards in Ireland and the UK as well as us having a brief sleet and hailstone shower on Thursday afternoon. So on Thursday evening, when I was waiting in the train station to go home and I saw the weather forecast on one of the information screens saying that Friday was going to be extremely cold with temperatures between minus twelve and minus seventeen, I just believed it. When I came home I made sure to close all the windows and I turned on the radiators in all the rooms so that just in case it got below freezing overnight, nothing would freeze up. At seven on Friday morning it was only four degrees so I assumed it would keep getting colder. My sort of half-thought out plan of going out for a long walk didn't seem quite so appealing any more so I switched it to a day of mostly staying in bed reading. I remember texting my brother at around ten to say that the cold weather didn't really seem to be materialising but I think it was late afternoon before I copped on that it wasn't just the weathermen making a mistake - it must have been an april fool's joke. Looks like despite my increasing cynicism over the last few years, I'm still as gullible as ever!

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