Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat and sealed pot challenge

Here's another photo from the Biogarten.  You didn't think I'd be able to spend a couple of hours in a garden and not take any photos of roses, did you?  There was a fairly strong wind blowing though, so I had to use my hand to try and hold this just barely past rosebud stage rose steady for a photo.  Don't think this slight glimpse of flesh will blow my anonymity though :-)

What are you:
Can't get into the reading vibe yet again.  I think I just shouldn't bother trying anymore when I've been sick.  Have multiple books on the go still and just can't get interested in them for more than a page at a time.

Listening to
Not much, just an occasional car passing by outside.  And the tram, of course.

I've been watching Justified and also a teen/family drama called Switched at Birth.  I'm enjoying that because it's about two girls switched at birth who find out at sixteen that it happened and how their two families get to grips with it.  One of the girls is deaf and I really like that in the scenes where there are just deaf people, who are communicating through sign language, they don't try to drown out the silence by ramping up the music.

Second attempt at pulled pork today and although it's somehow very different than last time, it's still delicious.

Happy you accomplished this week
I didn't get much done due to being sick but I did change the bedclothes, which always feels fabulous.  And today I went back to the Biogarten to say hello (photo-heavy post of it here) and ease myself in to going back to actually work a couple of hours next week.  That was a huge step forward for me.  After a few days of eating junk, I've also just about gotten myself back on track for eating properly and have prepared enough to see me through the first few days of the week well.  And I wrote a meal plan.

Looking forward to next week
Getting my feet done on Tuesday, choir on Wednesday, book club on Thursday, garden on Saturday and going to a concert on Sunday.  Lots of lovely stuff going on, which will make up for having to have my annual review meeting in work at least.

Thankful for today
My mooncup (is it sad that that seems to appear, oh, about once a month?).  The mansize tissues I bought last time I was in Ireland (I don't use my cloth hankies when I'm sick - better to throw the germs out and also I don't own two hundred hankies, which is about how many I'd need).  Long evenings, nice chat with my brother and delicious food in my kitchen.

Bonus question: what was your least favourite part of last week and your most favourite part of the last week?
Least favourite has to have been the horrible bronchitis, especially missing singing in the concert last Sunday, not to mention missing our first rehearsal for The Creation.  Most favourite I think was having a lovely, just barely lukewarm shower on a very hot Wednesday evening before getting into a clean summer nightie and a bed made up with clean sheets and covers.

And that's nearly it for me.  If you want to join in with Sunday night chit-chat, post away and then head over to Half-Dozen Daily to link up.

But before I go...

Sealed pot challenge
I started this in February, managed to keep up with my commitment to add in the number of euro equivalent to the week for, oh, about five weeks (if that!) and then even forgot that I was supposed to be emptying my purse of change at the end of the month, too.  I have been throwing in bits and pieces of change from time to time - I've started to put my purse away as soon as I hand over money so that I can then just carry the loose change home in my hand, which means it goes straight into the pot when I get in the door.  Don't do it all the time but it works if I've just gone down to the bakery or one of the other shops on my street.  July and August are going to be pretty spendy months, with travelling and holidays going on but I need to really start putting an effort into this by September.  Going to add it to Sunday night chit-chat so that I don't forget about it (the sealed pot challenge updates on the originating blog, SFT, are on Sundays, too, if you fancy joining in with this challenge to save money by December, head on over there to see what nearly 100 other people are doing with their sealed pots).


saving for travel said...

Lovely to read your catch up!

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the sealed pot shout out.

Sft x

Anonymous said...

Gardens and fresh linen...very appealing!

Hope you kick the bronchitis soon. (Fiona)

~Carla~ said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! My husband and youngest (Mya) are prone to Bronchitis and it's heartbreaking watching them suffer with it... so I pray for your health! ((hugs))

Fresh linens are pj's are the best!! :)

Lara said...

sounds like you have a fun filled week ahead of you! I should really plan something to look forward to this week..