Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pretty flowers

The slight sore throat that I started developing on Tuesday (and started treating immediately in the hopes of being fit to sing this weekend) has morphed into a full-blown cold.  Even if my voice didn't sound as terrible as it does at the moment, my lack of ability to breathe deeply without wheezing would mean I couldn't sing.  So disappointed to have had to cancel as I did make it to rehearsal on Wednesday and for the first time felt like it was going to be a really great concert.  Such is life, I suppose.  I'll go along tomorrow evening to at least listen and help out at the door a bit anyway.

Missing rehearsal today means that I feel like I should be doing a few bits around the house but just the five minutes walk to the market this morning to buy a few things left me exhausted.  And very annoyed that when I got up the stairs to my place, I realised that I'd left the ginger in the fruit shop on the corner that I called into especially to buy that and some lemons.  Took me an hour to persuade myself to go downstairs again.  Although I learned something new after meeting a neighbour and now know that the pollen that has been all over the place the last few days is that of the poplar or cottonwood tree.  Between that and the dust, I really do need to hoover soon.  I did do the washing up at least.  So glad I've been getting better at keeping on top of the housework so that there were only a few small things to wash.  I might go and throw some clothes into the washing machine now before taking a nap.

Since I was feeling so miserable at the market I didn't buy much.  I got some oak leaf lettuce, a few apples, strawberries, milk, cream cheese, Rotschimmel cheese and the first two courgettes of the year.  I do still have a few jars of tomatoes left so I'm thinking there may be a ratatouille or pasta bake of some kind in my near future.  And then to cheer me out of my misery a bit I, unusually for me, treated myself to some flowers.  I will admit that part of the reason I did is because I thought the bunches were much bigger than they actually were and what I thought was one bunch was actually five or six.  But still, sweet peas are so pretty.  And if my nose weren't so stuffed up I'm sure I'd be able to appreciate a lovely smell, too.

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