Saturday, June 22, 2013

Struggling to get going again

Being sick seems to suck the life energy out of me entirely.  Positives: spending most of five days sitting on my couch got me annoyed enough at the filth of the floor that by day three I decided I didn't care if I couldn't breathe properly and it was nearly thirty degrees, I just had to hoover.  And given the heat, the following day I did strip the bedclothes off the bed to wash and put a new set on - hard to believe that a week ago I was still using my winter duvet and it didn't feel too warm and now I just have a sheet to cover me and keep throwing it off.

Other than that, though, I am really struggling to get going.  I'm sure that's not helped by me having called into the supermarket on the way home from the doctor on Monday and bought a pile of junk food.  I had already slipped a little the last two days I had worked while this cold (actually bronchitis) was starting and not cooked properly so I need to make sure that I get some kind of plan in place for the next time I get sick.  Even though I did get out to the market last Saturday and bought salad and strawberries, for example, it took me until Monday evening to have the energy to wash the strawberries and until Wednesday evening to wash the lettuce.  So it's not the cooking, it's having to stand up and do anything.  But it was too hot to take soup out of the freezer and heat that up.  Pity I don't like gazpacho or that type of cold soup.  Meh.  I know, it's a serious case of first-world problems.  I have to be careful though, these are the kind of situations that can send me spiraling back down into a pit of despair, ridiculous though that might sound.

I'm going to force myself to get dressed soon and head to the market to buy a couple of things but first I need a meal plan.  I've totally lost the plot when it comes to food and yesterday had cheesy rolls from the bakery on the way to work and then ordered a pizza for lunch and finished the carbfest off by eating a large packet of salt and vinegar crisps for dinner.  No wonder I feel less than spectacular today.  It has only been a week but that's more than long enough to send me right back to a place that will leave me wondering in six months why I still haven't gotten around to losing more weight.  Need to get back on track.

Actually, the weather is not too hot today, only around 20 degrees so far (that's just a nice pleasant heat for me so long as I don't have to, you know, exercise or anything).  I'm thinking now that I might buy some meat and do something in the slow cooker.  Maybe another attempt at pulled pork or something with chicken.  That would give me something to make sandwiches with for lunches, too.

Meal plan
Bread and cheese
Courgette and cream cheese roll (like the one at the bottom of this post) - after being so excited to get a couple of courgettes last Saturday, I've done nothing with them.  Didn't even put them in the fridge so hopefully there'll be enough to rescue that I can make this. Also never finished the cream cheese I bought then too and it's supposed to be used within seven days so just want to use it up instead of having to dump it.

Courgette and cream cheese roll
Pulled pork with rice

Pulled pork in a sandwich
Scrambled eggs

Pulled pork in a sandwich
Pasta with tomato sauce of some kind

Pasta salad (i.e. last night's leftovers)
Pulled pork in a sandwich

Lettuce with something or other, dried tomatoes, pickled onions, cheese maybe.
Toast, butter, jam (who said dinner needs to be complicated?)

Lettuce etc.
Dinner out somewhere

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better. Have had a bit of a carbfest here as well - feeling a bit blergh! Back on the wagon next week! (Fiona)