Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another step closer to less worrisome financial times

Today I made what I hope will be the second last payment on my credit card. Outstanding balance on that card is now 489, which I should be able to manage next month. I won't quite be debt-free at that stage, as I still have a substantial overdraft on my Irish bank account to clear and have the balance on my German credit card still to clear fully (after using it last month to pay my brother's very high outstanding electricity bill in order to stop him being cut off), but the psychological boost of clearing my old credit card will be huge. I hope to get my tax refund sometime in August and that will hopefully take care of at least half of the overdraft, leaving me an amount I should be able to clear in a couple of months. And I'm on track to pay off the German credit card amount within the five months I gave myself (four more payments to make). All going well and barring any more unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, I should have everything cleared by October at the latest. Although it occurs to me that I will need to pay the fees for my course in September so saying by the end of October is probably more realistic.  Still two years later than planned and I'm getting nervous now that it finally really seems to be within reach since it feels like I've been here before but I just have to keep on plugging away and get through it.

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Sarah N said...

Wow, you seem to be so close to reaching your debt free goals! October will be here in no time!