Saturday, June 22, 2013

Neck of pork

By the time I got to the market there was no shoulder of pork to be had so I asked them what they would recommend for long, slow cooking.  I had been eyeing a lovely slab of meat and that was exactly what she said I should use: neck of pork (a quick google when I got home found this blog post so I was reassured and good to go).  She offered to de-bone it but given that I want to braise it and give it that long, slow cooking, that seemed like it would be a pity.  So I asked her to leave it in and increase the weight a little bit.  Instead of the kilo I had asked for, I got 1.26kg.  At a price of 7.60 per kilo that meant 9.64.  I got four meals out of the 500g of pork I used when I made pulled pork the first time, so I should have more than enough for plenty of sandwiches this week as well as some for the freezer (if I can resist scoffing the lot!).  This isn't a great photo as it was already half-nine and getting dark outside but here's the meat just before I rubbed in the spices.

I used more of less the same spice mix as I did in January but doubled the quantities, so two teaspoons each of ground mace, cumin, coriander, cayenne, mustard powder, black pepper and salt.  I reduced the BBQ powder (love that I wrote follow-up notes on the blog as I wouldn't have remembered that) to just a bare teaspoon.  I also added some tumeric (about half a teaspoon) and some allspice (nearly two teaspoons).  And finished it up with eight teaspoons of sugar.  I've rubbed it in all over the meat and put it into the fridge to rest overnight.  First thing in the morning, I'll chop the onions and garlic and make the 'sauce'.  This time round I have no stock but wanted to use something slightly different anyway.  I'll use up another of my jars of runny tomato ketchup, a dash of worcestershire sauce, some white wine vinegar and a jar of tomatoes.  I decided to use white wine vinegar rather than cider vinegar this time around simply because I have some I want to use up.  I hope this works as well this time as it did before.  Really looking forward to tomorrow's lunch now!

Edited to add link to finished thing but warning that it's a very photo-heavy post.


Camilla Baker said...

Good luck! I'm sure your pulled pork will be yummy and a really good money saver- that's why I use it.
Thanks for the link, much appreciated and looking forward to seeing the end you post finished food photos?

Moonwaves said...

Oh yes. I may not be a great photographer but I always like the blogs with 'real' photos best so I love to share. LOL

Anonymous said...

Is *that* what pulled pork is! I've heard about this for ages and had no idea what it was! Mystery solved! (Fiona)