Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Local Summer - Week 9 - part 1

Well, no picture to prove it as my brother borrowed my camera (he's gotten some work recently as an extra for The Tudors and wanted to take some photos of himself in the frilly shirt and pantaloons) but yesterday evening after working very late I was nearly too tired to bother cooking and faced with that familiar dilemna of having no food in the house, only ingredients.

Thankfully, as my brother had come over (minus my camera, I may not see it again for a while!) I made an effort and didn't just fall into my old bad habit of ordering a take-away.

So, my local meal this week was even more simple than usual, let's just call it Plate of Veg, shall we?

Potatoes - McNallys - 30-odd miles
Broccoli - McNallys as above
Beans - not sure what type, my brother got them from a friend who picked them from his garden, I think in Wexford.
Cheese - a very nice cheddar from Tipperary, I did ask the name when I bought it from Sheridans but have forgotten again - must start carrying a notebook with me at all times!
Home-made tomato ketchup - the ketchup I made last Friday which just wouldn't thicken but was very nice as a sauce with this dinner.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I've just staggered in after doing 13 hours work around the croft, not to mention the two five-mile cycling round trips to take the boys to school and back (10 miles in all). I'm supposed to be cooking dinner now, but have retired with a cup of very strong coffee to recharge my batteries.

As a result, dinner tonight will be sausages and just picked salad - carrots, lettuce, radishes, cucumber and the like. It is great, but it's also our idea of fast convenience food.

We just pick it, wash it and eat it - well, excepting the sausages!

Apologies if this doesn't read too well. I've nodded off twice while typing!

Moonwaves said...

Well, I'm not sure 13 hours sitting at a desk would have been quite as exhausting as your day. But then again everything is relative and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't manage much more than an hour or two of your kind of day (with plenty of tea breaks obviously) :-)

Your dinner sounds good though. You see, that's what I think I need, a man to cook for me. I'm sure I'd eat a much better diet if someone else was cooking!