Thursday, August 02, 2007

Best blog for photos?

Just wondering if anyone has experience of what type of blog (the free type that is) is best for a blog which would involve a lot of photos? I don't like posting photos of people I know for all and sundry to see, especially photos of kids. However, I was thinking of setting up a blog with restricted access which I and a few of my siblings could use to keep in touch and shares news, photos etc. Does anyone do anything like that already? Is it even possible to have a private blog? Any pointers on the best place to start looking into this appreciated.


Liz said...

You can set up your Flickr photos so that they're private, which is very easy to do. You'd just need your siblings to register as your family members, and they'd be able to see them, too.
It's easy to use, too!

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention Flickr too - or if you want more of a blog-format you can sign up on Wordpress and I think they allow you to have locked entries, so does LiveJournal although it can be a bit of a pain.

*melanie from

karl said...

my wife uses xanga and has had a protected blog for a few years. she chose xanga because it was the only one, at the time, that offered protected blogs. i think most of them offer protected blogs now.
it seems to work really well for her needs--an group of 50 or so of her old blog readers and friends subscribe to it and seem to get along nicely.