Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat

Okay, it's not even very far into the afternoon but since I'll be leaving shortly I thought I'd throw a quick chit-chat up anyway.  Don't even have time to load a photo, which might not be a bad thing since after remembering to bring my camera to Frankfurt I proceeded to forget to actually bring it out with me almost every time we went anywhere.

Edited to add a photo of the opera house/theater I was at this evening (taken during the second interval, at around 20:15)
Stadttheater Duisburg

What are you:
A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter

Nothing this evening since I'm heading to the opera to see The Valkyrie.  Can't wait!

I've just made myself a bowl of porridge.  Reckoned that would be a decently filling late lunch to get my through the evening.  Will take a bread roll and cheese with me.  It is a five and a half hour long performance after all.  My friend treated me to a huge breakfast at Cafe Siesmayer this morning.  So not really any proper cooking today at all.

Happy you accomplished this week
I finished my tax returns and am going to drop them in to the tax office shortly on my way out.  Stuck to my healthy eating despite a few instances where things felt a bit touch and go.  Had a nice weekend away with a good friend.  Got ALL the ironing done before I left to go away on Friday and got all the washing done, too (the last wash I took out of the machine just before leaving was towels and things that don't require ironing).  That's definitely my favourite accomplishment of this week!  And I put in train a plan I hatched quite a while ago to get proper photos taken every month during my weight loss.

Looking forward to next week
Lots of singing.  Our next concert is on next Sunday so we have a full day rehearsal on Saturday.  I'll also be popping along to the monthly meeting of the Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft (German-Irish Association) on Friday evening.

Thankful for today
Good friends - especially the type who've know you for years and seen you through the best of times and the worst of times and always stuck around and how much fun it is to spend time with people who know you so well

Bonus question: when you're out and about and a homeless person asks you for money, do you give it?
Never.  There are a lot of professional gangs working where I live for starters and I refuse to support them.  There are also a lot of genuinely down on their luck people around and while I will chat with them and don't just walk by and ignore them, I prefer to use my money to support organisations that will help them.  I'm fairly strict on this one, an attitude that only hardened after someone close to me bought food for someone begging and had it thrown in his face.

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Lara said...

wow, 5 1/2 hours! that is long! The bonus question is a tricky one for me. I would love to believe the people asking are genuinely in need, but sadly that is not always the case. but I feel bad just ignoring them completely.. need to find a balance. I guess that's where I have my "rule" of only giving to people who *do* something (sing, music, other entertainment) that I like.. I like your idea of giving to organisations that help those genuinely in need, seems like a good way around my dilemma. I would also quite like to go and help out some of these organisations (i.e. give my time), I think that could be quite good fun and very satisfying.

Moonwaves said...

Yeah, I think my friend got a bit carried away with the five and a half hours. It was about four hours. Allowing for the two fairly long intervals brought it close to five hours though. I have to say that I loved every minute of it, though and could easily have done without one of the intervals. The time just seemed to fly by!

I feel the same way as you do about giving money to people who are "doing" something. I do actually do that (sometimes) - there's a fairly healthy tradition of busking in Dublin (where I'm from) so I suppose I grew up with that a bit anyway. If you have time to give, I think that's often of far more use to some organisations than money is. Yet another thing to add to your list of stuff to research for Project Tasmania perhaps. Getting involved in volunteering would be a great way to meet people, too.