Friday, June 07, 2013

So much to do...

Busy weekend ahead of me. I've rushed home from work to get my second wash on (did the first one last night) in time for it to be finished before I need to leave. It'll be a close thing -  I may have the slowest washing machine in the world. But when you go away for the weekend all the stuff that normally gets done at the weekend has to be done sometime during the week.

In a couple of hours, I'll head off to the train station and be on my way to Frankfurt, where my friend has a full program of stuff organised for us. This evening we'll head to Wiesbaden, where there is a festival (the Wilhelmstraßefest) happening. No idea really what's in store for me there.

Tomorrow we'll have a lazy morning and with a bit of luck her hubby will get up early and 'surprise' us with fresh bread from the bakery for breakfast. Then she wants to go swimming and in the late afternoon her hubby is heading off to Berlin and we'll have the evening for ourselves. At some stage we're going to go to the Rosen- und Lichterfest (festival of roses and lights) in the Palmengarten near her, too. And when we get together we most often end up dragging out the cookbooks and spending an hour or two in the kitchen trying out something new. Mind you, the temperatures are rising and cooking might be the last thing we want to do if it's 25c outside! I really must try and convince her to get a slow cooker.

Now, I have about an hour and a half to get a bit of ironing done, pack, do the few bits of washing up from today and try and get to the train station on time. I love traveling by train since it means that even if I turn up late, all I lose is my seat reservation and I can actually travel on the next train but on a Friday afternoon and evening the stretch between Dusseldorf and Frankfurt will be absolutely packed so I want to get to the train station early.

And then on Sunday morning it'll be up early-ish to get a train back here and grab some lunch before getting ready to go and see the Valkyrie - I swear those opening bars have been the soundtrack of my morning so I really feel like I'm in for an exciting weekend now.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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