Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A request from a blogger for crowd-funding another blogger

Phelan from A Homesteading Neophyte posted yesterday about a friend of hers who has just found out that her abusive (and now subject of a restraining order) husband had not been working for some time and now her farm may be lost.  She has started a crowd-funding page to try and raise the four and a half thousand dollars she needs to make the farm payment and carry out some work that will allow her to expand the business.

You can read Phelan's post here:

The crowd-funder can be found here:

She already has pledges for over a thousand dollars, so if even just 300 more people were able to pledge 10 dollars (that's only about 7.50 euro), she'll nearly be there (I think - maths isn't my strong point!).  If you're not interested or able to pledge anything, please consider spreading the word via whatever social media you use.  I know there are hundreds of similar stories out there and we can't help every one but when something like this touches someone I've gotten to know via the blogosphere I like to get involved, even in just this very small way.


kymber said...

moonwaves - i saw your comment on Phelans blog. thank you sooo much for putting this info on your blog. mmpaints is a dear friend of mine and i have a post up about her too. i think that if enough of us put the word out - i think that we can save her farm! again - thank you very much.


Phelan said...

Thank you Moonwaves! You are a great friend.