Saturday, July 09, 2016

More productive than anticipated

I went to the doctor last week to make sure that a very itchy ankle really was just down to mosquito bites (six or seven of them! What can I say. Apparently I'm delicious). Since it was my first time there and it has been two years since my last general check-up, they offered to do bloods then and there (I went first thing before eating anything just in case). As well as bloods they did a ECG and a urine test. Turns out I have a UTI so now I'm on antibiotics for that. Not at all what I was expecting.
At any rate the tablets, along with a very busy week at work and at choir mean that I have been more than usually tired. And particularly grateful to be working part time and having a three-day weekend every week. I spent most of yesterday lying down, resting my ankle, sleeping as needed and reading Jane Eyre. Not a bad day at all. I didn't think I'd do much more than that today either but a phone call from someone I've been longing to hear from this morning was definitely a mood booster.

It is hot though so it's not the kind of day I would have expected to get a lot done. But as sometimes happens just a little bit here and a little bit there and all of a sudden I've gotten a lot done:
- Four more boxes unpacked
- Chopped onions, garlic, courgette, tomatoes and turkey and cooked that
- Added lentils and some water to the vegetable soup I took out of the freezer yesterday and made a dahl-type dish out of that
- Washed and dried the huge amount of lettuce I got on Thursday at the market
- Cleared enough space to get on with painting the bookshelves
- Found something suitable to give a neighbour as a present (I'm invited, along with rest of choir, to party this evening) and even found enough paper to wrap it in and wrapped it
- Also thought to put bottle of Sekt into fridge (just in case it's the kind of party you're supposed to bring drink to - I forgot to ask)
- Took enough breaks in between to be able to stop sweating before doing the next thing

So now I get to eat a healthy, tasty meal before getting one more coat of paint on the second set of shelves and then treating myself to a long, hot shower. Well, lukewarm anyway.

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Sunny said...

Goodness, you were very productive. Great job!