Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nearly the end of the month

The month has flown by. I can hardly believe I've been in my new job for a whole month. I'm still enjoying it although I do sometimes still feel a bit frustrated at just not knowing quite how things work. I'll get there eventually but for now it does kind of feel as if something or other comes up every day that I haven't done yet. My boss seems happy at least - she commented the other day that she thinks things are going really well.

And, since the last day of the month is fast approaching, so too the day I'll finally get paid again. Since I'm only working a 20-hour week I am, of course, only getting a 50% salary. There are online calculators to figure out how much you'll get but I'm always a bit wary that they might not be entirely accurate. So I was glad when I got my payslip today to see that what I had thought I would get is what I am getting and the online calculator was only a couple of euro out. June started out very quietly in terms of translating but I've had a few jobs over the last week or so and as soon as those invoices are paid, I will have enough to not only cover this month's expenses but also to make a bigger payment to my credit card.

So, since I know people like to know the actual numbers. My new salary is just shy of 1,000 net per month. And my fixed expenses are:
Rent 590
Pension 50
Donations 65
Phone/internet 30
Mobile phone/internet 15
Electricity 40
Montly ticket 40
Dental insurance 40


So, my normal job is enough, just about, to cover fixed expenses and even to buy food for the month, assuming I kept to a fairly strict budget. Of course, I do have other expenses, the annual stuff that comes up needs to be saved for, for example. And, you know, some of those pleasures in life that I'd rather not do without (travel, for one. And choir). And of course paying off the rest of the moving costs. But that's what the sideline is for. I'll keep an eye out for a second third job but I don't need to stress too much about finding one. If the opportunity presents itself, I'll take it but for now, I'm happy to continue on like this.


James said...

Are you really working part-time in a E24K per annum job?

The last time I made that amount per year was about 30 years ago.

I'm so glad I don't live and work in Eurolandia. It's not far removed from slavery.

And Herr Merkel can't stop importing cheaper and cheaper labour.

Give it a year or two and you'll be paying people to do work for them.

Ah now at least yer in a pretty little town. :/

You need to find a wealthy husband but don't ask me I have too many perversions.

Moonwaves said...

Oh, stop flirting you. Even if we had compatible perversions, our differences when it comes to possessions mean you're perfectly safe from me. ;-)

Not sure where you're getting 24k from, though. I'm actually working in a part-time job for just about 17k per annum. When you don't make much, neither does the taxman.

Fiona said...

I'm having trouble converting in real value terms from AUD to Euros but I was looking at the prices thinking it's a tough budget. I'm reworking my budget at the moment (lots will change when we move house) so I'm always interested in looking at how other people's lists pan out.

I know here in Oz they are always going on that you're considered 'under housing stress' if you pay more than 30% of your net on rent/mortgage. What percentage of full-time are you? I hope you get plenty of time off so you won't be under a lot of time-pressure if you add a third job on to the translating.

On the plus side...you aren't beholden with a huge list of expenses and that gives a lot of freedom. My list of fixed expenses is crazy and I am trying to trim it a lot with our move!

Moonwaves said...

I'm on 50%, or 20 hours a week. And spending maybe on average 10 hours a week translating. I'm averaging about 800/month gross from that. BUT I'm spending much less since I moved. Transport is nearly half, have no gas bill here. And because I'm home more, cooking and eating frugally is now the norm. So far anyway, it's working out.