Sunday, July 17, 2016

Your tomorrow self

Read an interesting post on Frugal Paragon yesterday (yes, I, at nearly 42, still often feel like an "imposter" adult!) but one thing seemed to stick in my head. She refers to an idea from The Hands-On Home about thinking about evening chores as a gift to your tomorrow self. It was horribly warm yesterday and I didn't get even a quarter done of what I wanted to. And then had to head off in the afternoon for a choir performance and didn't get home until half-ten. Of course it was still very warm by then so I sat down near the open door, hoping a cross-wind might develop and decided to catch up on some internet reading. I'm slowly starting to catch up on blogs and dipping a toe into the waters that are the Mr. Money Mustache forums. As it turns out it was well after midnight before things cooled down enough for me to feel capable of movement, which is a bit later than I had planned being up. I very nearly just went straight to bed but having this idea rolling around in my mind I decided to just do the washing-up. And then once I got up I thought to myself that since it had cooled down a bit, it might be a great idea to bring the stuff stacked beside the front door up to the attic. So I did that. And then I did the washing-up. And then just for good measure I tidied away all of the shoes that were piled in the hall, too. And you know something? Yesterday's tomorrow self is now really glad.

Anyone else ready to jump on board with this idea? I think I'm going to make it a semi-regular feature.

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Fiona said...

Ah, Moonwaves! I've just sunk into the couch, laptop on knee, drink on arm of the couch...when I know full well I need to iron school uniforms / work clothes for tomorrow, sweep the floor, get lunches. But I'm already making excuses about how it can wait till the morning. I definitely need to do Tomorrow's Self a favour...but it's hard to get up off this couch!!