Sunday, May 25, 2014

Of pies and Tupperware

Yesterday I spent the morning whirling like a dervish in an attempt to get my apartment into the kind of state that I wouldn't mind other people seeing. I also needed to move my sofabed out of the bedroom and put it back into service as a couch so that I would actually have enough seats for the ten people who I was expecting at my Tupperware party. First party I've had for years and years and it was just as much fun as I remembered. Had beginner Tupper-Ladies though, so it was all a bit chaotic.

Good fun though and the turnover was pretty good so I have a couple of good freebies to look forward to. I do find myself somewhat torn between not wanting to be encouraging consumerism and actually hosting an event that I know will involve almost everyone spending money on stuff. But since I do use almost all of the Tupperware I have on a regular basis I know how good it is so at least I can know that even if it's expensive, it's not a complete waste of money. I know my first couple of pieces of Tupperware were presents when I lived in Germany before and that's 18 years ago but they're still going strong, despite the heavy use I give them. I did buy several things as well and I have to admit that I know I will get a thrill when I see it all piled on the table after I receive the order.

So now I have to decide whether to leave the clutter in the bedroom or move it back out to the sitting-room and to be honest, I'm leaning heavily towards leaving it in the bedroom. Even though I've only just started getting that space clear a few weeks ago. I think the clearing of the living room has been way more effective though and that I'll start to invite more people over, even just for coffee. Always a good incentive to keep the place halfway tidy. So I'll see how it goes with trying to tackle one small pile/one bag/one box every week and maybe I'll end up with a properly decluttered bedroom pretty soon, too.

This evening I'm off to the pub quiz again. I brought an apple tart with me last week and everyone was very impressed so I got carried away and promised a cake for this week too.

I decided to make the easy jam tart I've done before. Wish I had thought to look back through the archives before I made it though because I've made exactly the same mistake and it's a bit better done than it should be. At least I did remember about the almond so I just used some of my homemade vanilla extract instead. But hopefully it'll still be edible enough to satisfy the lads and lassies in the pub.

Maybe I should wait until everyone's had a drink or two to take it out. At at least I'll be giving the lads another chance to annoy me by telling me it's not a tart, it's a pie. If one of them remembers his promise from last week though, I should be taking home a bag of rhubarb with me this evening, so it'll definitely be worth having made the effort.

That's all from me for now. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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