Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mr. Money Mustache

A few months ago, just around the start of the year, I found Mr. Money Mustache thanks to Fiona mentioning something about being mustachian. I had no idea what she was on about and assumed it was some kind of Australian slang but googled it anyway. 'Cos, you know, Australian slang is funny.

Anyway, it's an amazing blog (and the website has expanded to now include discussion forum, which also look pretty good) and I've been slowly making my way through the archives. There is so much in every single post that I'm not getting far quickly but that's okay. Most of the time I even try to not get sucked into reading the comments, which almost always are just as interesting and go on for even longer than the posts themselves. I commented on a post at Absolutely Sweet Chaos about it and feel like I helped contribute in some small way to Jen totally embracing her badassity, too!

It is giving me lots of food for thought and there are lots of posts I want to comment on and then I find myself thinking that I should wait because he may have covered what I want to say in a later post (very often the case so far). There are also lots of points that I want to take away, think about and write about myself here. Today was a case in point. Yesterday I read this post about whether or not peak happiness really comes at $75,000 per year (I manage to read two or three posts during lunchtime most days, of course that involves staying at my desk during lunch, which isn't the best of habits but for now that keeps me away from the shops and machines full of chocolate so it's all good). Today, there was a reader case study, with a very interesting comment section that I also read through, followed by a post called Is it convenient? Would I enjoy it? Wrong question. And I had a couple of paragraphs of a blog post nearly finished in my head so this evening say down to try and get it on paper. Do you think I can remember even vaguely what the hell they were about though? Not a hope. Even having skimmed back through those posts, I can't remember what blinding flash of brilliance occurred this afternoon that had me brimming with interesting thoughts.

So instead you get a post full of links to other people and I've decided that I really need to start making notes when an idea for post occurs to me because otherwise, I'll never write even half of what I want to.


Fiona said...

Thanks for the link, Moonwaves...I'm so happy you're enjoying the site! It's really changed a lot about how I think as well. I'm thrilled that you thought it was Aussie slang (we're pretty proud of our slang Down Under!) :D

Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Love MMM! He's so great. Really appreciate his logical reasoning and common sense that is so lacking in today's society. ~Pru

TomB said...

His writing style is, well, interesting to say the least. I try not to get offended by the direct, in-your-face tone, but sometimes I find it grating. Overall he's a good role model dispelling common sense in a unconventional way that seems to connect with most people.

Moonwaves said...

I have to say that his style kind of matches my own sense of humour so I mostly just enjoy it. Although while going through his archives and reading several articles or more at a time, I do find myself needing to take a break. It's not quite as amusing in very large doses. On the other hand I sometimes feels like I just don't want to keep reading because I'm having a complainypants kind of day (lots of those recently!). :)