Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dervla Murphy

In today's Irish Times there's an article about Dervla Murphy. I have to admit, I don't think I've ever heard of her before, but reading through her comments and reflections on life I really wish I had. I'll have to get a hold of some of her books and give them a read, I think. She's a travel writer and, judging by the names of the books she has written, has cycled round most of the world. I'd really recommend having a read of the article, I think they leave them available to read for a few weeks and once it's archived you can pay to get access. Here are some of the gems from that article - I found myself nodding along all the way, yes, yes, exactly, yes.

"I believe that when we’re dead we’re dead, and that’s it. I often wonder if that makes me live my life a different way."

"Money is very important to me from the viewpoint that I would hate to be in debt. That’s the way my generation was brought up: if you wanted something you saved up. If I had to borrow to keep afloat I’d be really, really upset. I’ve no ambition to have more money than I need. I wouldn’t like to be without financial independence. I suppose there are some women who don’t mind being dependent on a partner or husband, but I couldn’t imagine doing that."

"I wouldn’t really call myself a feminist. ... ... Where I do get fiercely feminist is about abortion. I hate the idea, but, even more, I hate the idea of forcing women to carry and deliver a baby they don’t want. I think it’s outrageous that you have a whole load of men making those decisions ..."

"What do I think of politicians? A pile of f**king s**ts is what I think of them. All parties. Can you write that in The Irish Times or will they censor it?"

"I think the time is coming when Ireland should be self-sufficient in food. ... Imagine, Ireland is famous for potatoes, and there are potatoes from Israel in a shop here in Lismore. We should be growing all our own food. We’ve lost the run of ourselves."

"What I value most in others is honesty. What is life without it?"

"I have learned to be suspicious in general of the consumer society, to be deeply suspicious of it."

"I’m very solitary by nature. When I have company I enjoy it, but essentially I’m a solitary person."
What a fantastic life she must have led. I'm looking forward to reading some of her books and getting to know this interesting woman a bit better.

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