Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday shopping - 5th January 2013

Got up relatively early this morning (just after 8), trying not to be dismayed at the fact that it was still dark.  I thought the dark evenings would be a bit of an adjustment again after returning from the southern hemisphere but it seems it's the mornings I'm going to struggle with.  I've taken an executive decision to set my alarm clock for 8 for the next couple of months and to not put myself under pressure to get up earlier than that to do things like go swimming or get some cleaning done before work, not to mention the elusive "I'll go into work early today".  8 is time enough to get ready for work without rushing too much, including time for a quick breakfast and still being on time for work at 9.

I was going to go straight to the market but ended up instead giving the fridge a thorough cleaning.  I'd emptied it and switched it off while I was away but ran out of time before I could clean it properly.  So that's all done and it's switched back on again.  Let's see if I can keep it clean and tidy this year.  I had four open jars of chutney and I really need to not do that kind of thing anymore.  Two of them have gone in the bin this morning as they didn't smell quite right but the other two, as well as the jam and mustard, seem to have survived quite well.  Since the heating was off while I was away as well, the temperature in the kitchen will have been fairly low most of the time anyway.  I've started the freezer off with a few ice-cubes and the ice-pack but want to really think about it before anything else goes in there.

I took the time to write out a meal plan for the week and set out for the market. I stopped first to put some empty bottles in the recycle bin and headed for the greengrocer on the corner to get some lemons and oranges (planning to make some ice-lollies as well as lots more lemon and honey hot drinks for my cold).  Both were on "special" offer, although if I remember the prices from last year correctly, more expensive than before.  Oh well.

I headed off to the market only to arrive and realise they must be taking their usual holiday.  I can't remember how long it's for and because I was away for all of December, I missed out on any signs they would have had up.  Presumably they'll be back next week but I have to admit I was momentarily confounded.  Something of a salutary lesson in taking things for granted, I suppose.

I walked back around to my street and stopped at the Reformhaus.  A Reformhaus is basically a health-food shop.  They all have the umbrella term Reformhaus in their name but are independently run shops and although my local one is not the biggest there is, it's a decent size and the people are nice.  I got eggs there and picked up some Detox Tea that was on offer as well.  Can't hurt.  And got a freebie sample of an elderflower and apple teabag, which smells so delicious I'm going to make a large cup of tea later and then freeze that as ice-lollies, too.

After that I headed into the SuperBioMarkt (organic supermarket, probably something similar to Whole Foods in the States, I think).  I normally don't buy veg, or anything much, there because the veg tends not to last very well and be mostly imported from afar and the prices can be steep.  However, I do need to eat this week and I should count myself lucky that I have the opportunity and the money to have the choice.  I tried to restrict myself at least to German produce and got some potatoes (selection was not good, three types and almost all with only very small ones left), a couple of carrots, an onion and some leeks.  I also picked up two sweet potatoes, which were from Spain.  I am growing very fond of this vegetable but the only ones available most of the time are imported from the USA.  If I have a chance to talk to one of the farmers at the market next time, I want to ask them if they'd consider growing them.  I don't think it's that easy to do so in this climate though.

In the SuperBioMarkt I also got some milk, raspberry joghurt and cheese.  I was able to get mostly what I wanted to get from the market although I decided not to buy any chicken or apples and didn't get any salad either, so will need to rethink my menu a bit. 

On the way back home I stopped to get some bread and a couple of bread rolls (which look like they're double the normal size) and also popped in to the bookshop to spend some of the lovely book token my boss gave me for christmas.  I hadn't gotten a diary for 2013 yet and was spared the agony of decision-making as they only had one left in the size and type I like.  I also bought Eating Animals, which is a book I've wanted to read for a while.  I love, love, love book tokens.

Price list for today's shopping
SuperBioMarkt (all organic stuff, all prices in euro)
1 litre milk - 1.35 (plus 0.15 deposit on bottle)
Joghurt - 1.79 (plus 0.15 deposit on jar)
Leeks - 2.96 (3.79/kg)
Sweet potatoes - 2.65 (3.49/kg)
Potatoes (have forgotten the type) - 1.23 (1.99/kg)
Carrots - 0.28 (1.29/kg)
Onion - 0.73 (2.49/kg)
Cheese - 5.19 (14.90/kg)

Detox tea - 5.65
6 eggs - 2.10 (0.35 each)

2 spicy rolls - 1.20
Half a Delikatessbrot - 1.55

6 lemons - 3.90
3 oranges - 1.95

Paperblanks diary - 12.95
Eating animals - 9.95

Total spend today: 32.17 cash, 22.90 book token

I'm going to try and start doing proper meal plans and tracking what I eat again, which I will post about on the other blog, for anyone who's interested in that.

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