Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A few more photos from Oz

Hyam's Beach, Jervis Bay - I would happily go back and spend several weeks just in this spot.  I miss the sea where I live and have never enjoyed swimming in it as much as I did here.  The power of the waves is immense and I now more fully comprehend what my therapist was talking about when he spoke of an epiphanic moment he experienced standing in the ocean once.
The Three Sisters - taken from Echo Point, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Part of the rainforest beneath the Three Sisters - no photo can ever capture the immensity of this place (I checked, even the professional photos on sale in the souvenir shops just couldn't do it justice).

A park in Brisbane - I was captivated by the beautiful trees I saw in Australia

Another view, taken from the same spot as the photo above - had been enjoying the view and glanced down to see that, sad though it is, some things will always be the same, no matter where in the world you are.

Another tree, different park in a different part of Brisbane

Koala bear in Taronga Zoo


Lady Demelza said...

Hi! I've just recently discovered your blog. I live not far from melbourne - if you are coming down this way, and would like some alternative touring advice, drop me an email.
I love the Blue Mountains soooo much.

Moonwaves said...

If I ever make it back to Australia, I'll keep that in mind. As it was, I was mostly in Sydney, as that's where my sister lives. I managed one day in Brisbane but then the christmas rush proved too much and I never did make it to Melbourne or Canberra. Never mind anywhere further away. It's such an interesting country. Maybe I'll make it back one day and get a bit further. :)