Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Book lists

When I first starting reading blogs I often came across book suggestions and reviews and started to keep them all in an email draft.  I can't quite remember why I decided an email draft was the handiest way to do this but looking through some old emails today, I found that draft and decided to post the list here.  That way, I know where it is if I'm looking for it.  It's also interesting to see that even though I hadn't thought about this list for years, I have read some more of the books on it since then.  Links may or may not work, they're not ones I have added (because if I was going to do that I'd try and figure out how to get that amazon associates thing working again :) ) but rather ones that may have been in place on the original postings that I copied from.  It's interesting to look back and wonder what I was doing or thinking about over the couple of years that I kept this list.  And I don't feel like I'd particularly cross any off today, either - they still all sound interesting.

  1. The Envelope Mill by Haila Harvey- I do search for this occasionally on abebooks but have never seen it at anything less than an exorbitant price
  2. Coming Home to Eat: The Pleasures & Politics of Local Foods by Gary Paul Nabhan  OWN (the kindle version)
  3. Moosewood Book of Desserts
  4. John Seymour's The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency OWN
  5. Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
  6. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan OWN
  7. Gaia's garden ?? (Why the questionmarks?  No idea.)
  8. Putting Food By (Plume) (Paperback) by Janet Greene
  9. Putting It Up With Honey: A Natural Foods Canning and Preserving Cookbook by Susan Geiskopf
  10. Clearly delicious, an illustrated guide to the art of preserving, pickling and bottling, Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz And Judy Ridgway Publication Dorling Kindersley, 1994
  11. Preserving by Oded Schwartz, read, not great (vaguely remember this now - I think I managed to find it in the library and obviously I wasn't too impressed)
  12. This Organic Life by Joan Dye Gussow - OWN
  13. Harold McGee's "On food and cooking".
  14. Mike and Nancy Bubel, Root Cellaring: The Simple No-Processing Way to Store Fruits and Vegetables, Rodale Press, 1979 ISBN 0-87857-277-5 - read, need to buy OWN
  15. Preserving Nature's Bounty" (ISBN 0-87596-979-8)
  16. The $50 & Up Underground House Book - Mike Oehler OWN
  17. The Hippy Survival Guide to Y2K - Mike Oehler
  18. Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan
  19. 'build your own earth oven' by Kiko Denzer
  20. Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles by Ellen Sandbeck
  21. Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte
  22. 'The Woodland House' by Ben Law
  23. Living the Good Life: How One Family Changed Their World from Their Own Backyard (Paperback) by Linda Cockburn OWN
  24. Scenes from a Smallholding by Chas Griffiths
  25. How to Make Sewing Patterns (Paperback) by Donald H. McCunn
  26. The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood its ISBN is 0-553-40397-4
  27. Creating Learning Communities is published by the Foundation for Educational Renewal (www.pathsoflearning.net) ISBN: 1-885580-04-5
  28. The Simple Living Guide Janet Luhrs
  29. How to Live Off-grid Nick Rosen
  30. Keep Chickens! by Barbara Kilarski was the book that got me started with chickens. It's by Storey Press, who publish books about gardening, soap-making, brewing, livestock etc. (this is someone else's comment, no idea now where it's from)
  31. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver OWN
  32. Eating Fossil Fuels: Oil, Food and the Coming Crisis in Agriculture (Paperback) by Dale Allen Pfeiffer (Author)
  33. The one pan Gourmet by Don Jacobson
  34. The Backpacker's Handbook by Chris Townsend
  35. How to be Free by Tom Hodgkinson and How to be Idle OWN (both of them)
  36. You Can Save the Planet (Hardcover) by Jacquie Wines (Author), Sarah Horne (Illustrator)
  37. Seed to Seed Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners Suzanne Ashworth OWN
  38. Carol Harris’ book A Guide to Traditional Pig Keeping
  39. Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book by Ziggy Hanaor and Victoria Woodcock,
  40. Four-Season Harvest, by Eliot Coleman
  41. Home Comforts, by Cheryl Mendelson OWN
  42. Madhjar Jaffries 'World Vegetarian' cookbook (not yet but I did get a second-hand copy of her Ultimate Curry Bible)
  43. Mary Norwak’s The Farmhouse Kitchen (1994 edition, ISBN1-85891-238-5) OWN
  44. Celebrating the Great Mother
  45. The After Dinner Gardening Book by Richard W Langer
  46. The Preserving Book", by Mackinlay and Ricketts, Pan book ISBN 0 330 25563 0
  47. The encyclopedia of country living" - ISBN 1-57061-377-X
  48. "The Complete Herbal handbook for farm and stable" - ISBN 0-571-16116-2


~Carla~ said...

That's a great booklist you have! I always say, "Oh, I need to look that up", but then forget about it.. think I need to keep a list as well, that way I actually get to read all these books that sound great! lol!

click clack gorilla said...

I have read exactly none of these books. But pretty much all of them look really interesting.